Accessorize Individuality

Designers create looks and collections through their own inspiration. They bring it all to life during a fashion show and bare their soul for everyone to see. The work can be amazing or not. The challenge is when putting your personal look together through the design it might not work.




Enter Accessorize Individuality where your inspiration is represented in the shoes you choose both texture and color. Whether or not to add a silk scarf to add a pop of color or a hat giving an air of mystery.



Then there is the handbag will it be a clutch, a purse or a Statement Bag – whichever you choose speaks volumes to who you are. These are all clues to those around you on what to expect.  Every detail in the stitching, to the grade of leather or texture is all noted consciously or subconsciously by everyone.



The key is being smart in your choices and always take one item off as you leave your house  – less is more and choose items to accentuate not only yourself but the occasion.  It doesn’t hurt to take a risk or two here but most of all have fun with it.