elegance & style 

if you ask anyone within fashion and beauty about armani, you can bet that either elegance or style will be used in the description. the characteristic clean lines, form fitting but tastefully with amazing fabrics and colors. all of this has translated into the beauty and fragrances. there is a definite synergy that translates to the people they have in the stores.

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as a brand develops from one of unknown to household name, it is critical that the team in the field & stores represent the brand with both the retailers and customers. a well rounded team is a must and that is the team growing armani beauty & fragrances. as an assistant buyer and buyer, they became a kind of second family to me. i am still in contact with some of them and even went to a wedding many years ago. they understand the importance of the relationships and develop some of the best.

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the most important message here is about relationships. many people can talk about it but very few can act on it without hesitation. putting personal feelings aside everyday and do what is right for the business is one of the keys to success. you grow the business by taking risks and the brands you have developed relationships will support your ideas. the development of the strong relationships throughout the armani organization contributes to the success of the brand and its forty year celebration.

eyes to kill eyeshadows
eyes to kill intense eyeshadows, $34

armani maestro eyeliner 

maestro eyeliner, $36


eyes to kill mascara, $32

eye tint
eye tint, $38


brow maestro
eye & brow maestro, $34

flash lacquer gloss
flash lacquer gloss, $32

rouge ecstasy lipstick
rouge ecstasy lipstick, $36



si 1.7oz eau de parfum spray, $92

 Acqua di gioia
            acqua di gioia 1.7oz eau de parfum spray, $68