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there are only a handful of brands when their name is spoken one of two things happen, either a hush of silence with wide open eyes or clutching your chest and mouthing “love them”.  either way, CHANEL is always on the top of lists: best dressed, best designer, coveted and any other list dealing with fashion & beauty.

brand loyalty is like none other.  you have the loyalists and the covetors, and they are equally as passionate about the brand.  wherever CHANEL is sold there is a security guard since it is a prime target for shoplifters.  the guidelines set out by the brand keep it prestigious, relevant, hip all tied into one.  

the fall 2015 show, using color and texture evokes luxury plain and simple.  the cuts of the designs are modern with the dresses and the suits, relevant and hip.  they cover all the bases or as a former boss of mine always said "pay attention to the details”.  this was in dallas at the macy’s galleria in the late 80’s while managing the domestics department.  he walked me to the furthest darkest corner of the department and took his finger and ran it across the top shelf.  needless to say his finger was covered in dust, and i was mortified.  he said “michael everyday before you go home come back here with one of your team members and straighten and dust.  overtime it will become second nature.”  he was spot on correct and there was never dust again in that department as long as i was there.

this came into play as an assistant buyer and buyer when dealing with all the different brands, their requirements and personalities.  to this day, when i type “CHANEL" it was so ingrained in my head “all caps”.  the brand has fostered this from the top down.  you see it in the fashion designs, packaging in beauty and all advertising.  you see it in their employees, they are put together, organized and on top of their business.

check back in later tonight or tomorrow when we review beauty.

CHANEL fall 2015:

“the dress”

chanel the dress

you know something special and timeless is created when you see it for the first time, and the first words out of your mouth are: "oh my".  stunning, meticulous & ornate detail, classic lines, and timeless best describe the first look at "the dress" from CHANEL.


attention to the details “the dress”

chanel the dress details

chanel the dress details 3

chanel the dress details 2


“the suit”
then there is the suit with the use of color combinations: royal blue and burgundy, is reminiscent of a jewel - just stunning.  it appears to shimmer in the light adding more depth and dimension.

chanel the suit


attention to the details “the suit”

chanel the suit details 3
chanel the suit details 2chanel the suit details 1

our pics for the best of the fall 2015 lineup

chanel runway F15