be active and eat healthy

this is about harnessing your common sense. we all know that being active with sports activities or going to the gym increases your serotonin levels which result in a happier positive self. add in eating healthy and you have the ability to maintain. Surf this all sounds too easy so why is it so hard? well throw in life – full-time job, starting up a business, maintaining a household, go through a divorce, move into a new house, keep up with your bills, carpool the kids and these are all obstacles to your balance. Billabong Rash Vests

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so how do you balance everything to achieve a happier positive self? no one really knows because we are all facing different challenges at different times. my mantra is the only constant in life is there will always be change and how we manage through change defines who we are.

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what i can do is introduce you to, a site that gives you some of the tools you need to assist you on your quest. the 1, 2, 3 steps are your choice to make. only you know your limitations the only “rule” is to push yourself and consult your doctor if your plan gets you active after being in-active for a while. i didn’t do that and ended up with shin splints – OUCH! Surf Womens you need the right gear and clothing to master your plan, this sounds silly but if i had the right running shoes my shins might not have been damaged – think about it. Women’s Surf Gear

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