eStudioMeso Beauty - Including Makeup Complexion Eyeshadow



eStudioMeso Beauty – Including Makeup Complexion Eyeshadow


Beauty, the Pursuit of Perfection

Beauty or Makeup, Complexion, Eyeshadow and Skincare Evolve. This evolution includes new application techniques, ingredients, delivery systems, social integration and emphasis on multi-tasking products. 




Beauty is subjective and highly personal for everyone. The definition is quite simple, “what is pleasing to the eye”. Not everyone has the same interpretation of what is pleasing to her or his eye which results in beauty being subjective.


CHANEL COCO CODES Color Collection



Fashion is subjective too but the products used to enhance your beauty are on your skin and define your personality before you even say a word.  We show products here that enhance your complexion, eyes, lips and make it easy for you to realize your personal perfection.


Dior Family of Fragrances


Since beauty is so personal, let’s look at it from your point of view and no one else. Beauty is exactly how you define it, what pleases you. Now, add in a little common sense and you are ready to go. Meaning use products that do something for you. Always remember that less is more since it is much easier to add a little more rather than having to clean your face to start over.



My advice is to keep your favorite products with you inside your cosmetics bag: Black Mascara to define your lashes, Nude Lip Gloss or Stick to enhance your lips, Tinted Moisturizer for even tone to your complexion, Hair Brush to keep your hair styled, and Neutral Shadow for your eyes adding dimension.



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