The Pursuit of Perfection

Everyday we all strive for perfection in some form or fashion.  anyone who disagrees, is in denial :-).  Those of us that admit it are not better or more evolved just a little more aware.  I strive to be perfect in many areas, for example this post was supposed to be live on Monday – today is Friday.  

It took me this long to get it as “perfect” as I could.  Could have I done a bit more – yes but what you don’t know won’t hurt you ;-).  The most important element for you is variety.  You must have choices, in order to make your best decision.  

Every woman is in pursuit of two things we can offer here:

 the PERFECT red lipstick

the perfect BLACK dress

Today its all about the dress.  We have “a” line, glitz, glam, long, midi, maxi, mini, sheath, silk, back bearing, neck plunging, asymmetrical, faux leather, mesh, sweater, jersey and sleeveless.  

Illustration of Woman in Black Dress

So, i dare you to find your perfect black dress for any occasion!  We also thought ahead and have price points from $24.99 to just under $900.  

I realized a long time ago nothing will ever be 100% perfect and to prioritize the most important aspects.  this is how we grow and evolve.  

In this pursuit, there will be a dress with a better sillouhette or price or designer or …..    so what if you have 4 or 5 perfect black dresses, no one will judge you.  

black dress illustrated

They will thank you for giving them the idea to do the same.

James Perse Los Angeles Soft Knit Side Split Dress

James Perse Los Angeles Side Split Dress, $265