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The Link

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer – The Link Swiss made and avant garde, the Link watch is aspirational and attainable.  The feel on your wrist is amazing and the watch is surprisingly light weight.  This is from experience, unfortunately the piece is gone but not forgotten. The Link is internationally known for its design and cosmopolitan elegance.  The […]

New Year Time to Reb...

Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The new year begins and the messages are: refresh, renew, reorganize, back to basics.  Start with “Reflect”and work up to “Rebuild”.  Look at what you accomplished over the year, how you handled yourself when challenges arose.   Your character is built on how you conduct yourself when confronted with challenges coming at you […]

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Wishing Family & Friends the Happiest of Holidays Many of you are exchanging gifts, getting food ready, looking for something to wear ANYTHING to wear!  Just Breathe – you will get through the day.  Just soak in the warm feeling as someone opens up one of the gifts you purchased.   It is always a warm […]


GLAM Feature

EVERYTHING IS DONE! Now it is time to get your glam on, kick up your heels and celebrate with your family and loved ones.  As you do this and let yourself be a little selfish, also be aware. Be aware of those that are struggling whether with their job, relationship, finances, all of the above […]

UGG Australia

UGG Australia

Getting Noticed UGGS started out in Southern California in the 70’s and modestly grew.  They were most popular with the surf culture of the time.   As the decades wore on the boots began popping up in trendy boutiques which resulted in some key celebrities photographed wearing the boots who were getting exposure into the mainstream and […]

What to Wear?

Holiday 2015 eStudioMeso

The Season Perfect The Event Perfect The Dress? Don’t Worry it Doesn’t Have to be Black. You have the invitation for the parties – WHAT TO WEAR?!? You have seen the black dresses and nothing excites you.   To your rescue, more options giving you the best choices available.  We have dresses for all occassions […]

All Natural

Jackson Brook Natural Skincare Curators

Mullein & Sparrow at Jackson Brooke Mullein & Sparrow’s natural beauty products are made with the purest, finest, plant-based ingredients including luxurious essential oils. All products are Cruelty Free. Source: All Natural Beauty Products by Mullein & Sparrow You can find these products and more at Jackson Brooke.  They have a 20% coupon running for […]

Modern Luxury


The Gift of PRADA We are in full swing for the gift giving season.  There is not a fashionista out there that would love to get anything PRADA! Well, we arranged many of the favorite styles in one place to make it easy for you.  Click below and find that perfect gift and go ahead and […]

Have Some Fun

Red Lipsticks

Your Best Memory Yesterday I challenged anyone to see if they could find a favorite or a new favorite Red Lipstick from the assortment picked out.  It has been a little slow, so a reminder to take some time to have a little fun.   Share your best memory when wearing red lipstick.  If we have […]



COLOR Color is the spectrum of light, distribution, wavelengths, light receptors, physics and more.  The interpretation of color is the communication between the retinas in our eyes to our brains.  The science of color is chromatics, the study of color in materials is color theory or electromagnetic radiation. Color makes you smile, color is intense, soft, […]



Modern and Feminine Stumbling on something new is always fun and exciting.  This happened yesterday so staying up late to pull this all together was a MUST! The find is ONLY out of Denmark that launched in 1995.  The collections are modern with an international class and appeal.  They have over 300 shops in Europe […]


RAW Soul

Conscious of It’s Surroundings “I thought they just had cool clothes for hipsters and hipster wannabes.”  Ever find yourself quoting yourself, it just happened.  Started out a few days with an idea to show some clothes that are cool, have edge – show a point of view.  What should have taken a couple of hours […]

Deja Vu

Active sportsman snowboarding in snowdrift

Bitter Cold and Stormy The consensus is this winter is a repeat of last years winter but colder. I hate delivering bad news so to help ease everyone into winter, many of the coats you have seen here are on sale. We are showing them all to you in one area but with a few […]


One of the Most Influential Designers of the 20th Century Yves Saint Laurent born August 1936 and died June 1, 2008, was a French fashion designer, pioneer, visionary, risk taker and revolutionary. He is credited for rescuing the house of Dior from ruin in 1957 at the age of 21 with the introduction of the […]

black dresses

perfect black dresses

it’s still about the dresses yesterday was about the pitfalls of perfection. however, sometimes that pursuit can  borderline on obsession as it did with me. today you see the dresses in the perfect black dress collection in a couple of formats. the intent is to help you make a more informed decision. enjoy browsing through […]

Black Dress

Black Dress Illustration

The Pursuit of Perfection Everyday we all strive for perfection in some form or fashion.  anyone who disagrees, is in denial :-).  Those of us that admit it are not better or more evolved just a little more aware.  I strive to be perfect in many areas, for example this post was supposed to be […]

gifts of beauty

gifts of beauty

simply beautiful the first week of november and i keep saying i have plenty of time. the next thing you know its december 20th and there are no gifts purchased! every year the same story – i am going to shop all year and pick up something special for everyone on my list. another year […]

paris in love

Too Faced Love Palette, $49

girly girls one thing will never change – everyone wants to be in love.  your heart races when he walks in the door.  you start to sweat when you hear his voice.  your knees get weak, when you smell his cologne.  finally, you throw him down when he smiles at you for no reason at […]

treat yourself

its never too late anyone reading this that knows me, understands that sometimes i need to listen to my own advice. i am here to tell you its not too late for you or me. i am too this or too that is just an excuse we give ourselves to not do something we should. […]

vera wang

vera wang logo

introducing new bedding collections in 2002 vera wang exploded into the cosmetics and fragrance world with the launch of her signature fragrance, vera wang. the stores could not keep their shelves filled and was one of the biggest launches in the industry’s history at that time.   it was the perfect marriage. vera wang 1.7oz eau […]

hot mess

organize your life  it seems like a day doesn’t go by and someone or some event is referred to as a “hot mess”. some might think of it as a compliment in an odd sort of way but when you peel back the layers you just have a mess. how does this mess start? my […]



classic and urban Barbour is best known for its iconic waxed jackets, and holds Royal Warrants from HM Queen Elizabeth II, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH The Prince of Wales. founded in 1894, Barbour built their business by supplying ship owners, builders and seamen with the Beacon brand oilskin coats, providing protection from […]


enhance your space with rugs

time to refresh with the busy holiday season upon us, take the opportunity to enjoy your solace! that’s more than enough time, now look around and imagine your home filled with friends and family celebrating with you. if you are like me, its time to refresh your home. the easiest and quickest way is with […]


Surf & Balance

be active and eat healthy this is about harnessing your common sense. we all know that being active with sports activities or going to the gym increases your serotonin levels which result in a happier positive self. add in eating healthy and you have the ability to maintain. this all sounds too easy so why […]

mix it up

mix it up

the season is red about 12 months ago when designers and editors are looking at the upcoming year – they decided that red is the color for this season. if you google fall 2015 color trends, you will see red everywhere and it continues into makeup with red lips.   rouge ecstacy lipstick by giorgio […]


stick lamps

dual meaning so many words in the english language have dual meaning: bank as a noun is a financial institution and as a verb means being able to depend on someone; book as a noun is a bound collection of pages and as a verb describes a specific action; crane as a noun is a […]


James Perse Collection California Lifestyle

california lifestyle ask anyone on the street, in your office, on the bus, at school, sitting next to you: “what did you think california would be like BEFORE you moved here?” if you don’t live here, then ask the same pool of people: “what do you think california is like to live?” these were my […]

men’s coats

Men’s Coats

keep it simple figuring out a title for this post wouldn’t come. all sorts of elaborate ways to convey the message clogged my brain. then a saying i use all the time popped up “keep it simple”. the message is simple both in personal and professional lives, you have to keep it simple. examples of […]

warm & stylish

warm & stylish

winter coats & jackets getting ready for winter is dreaded by most people, not me. love the season! as a kid, getting a new coat was always needed so that meant going to the mall. yes, the dreaded mall. in those days the phones were neither smart or cellular most were rotary dial so you […]

formula 1

formula 1

tag heuer this casual watch was inspired by the formula 1 race. these watches are worn by champion drivers and those that share the need for speed, accuracy and excellence in craftsmanship. swiss made and avant garde these watches are aspirational and attainable. the feel on your wrist is amazing and the pieces are light […]

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