The Link

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer – The Link

Swiss made and avant garde, the Link watch is aspirational and attainable.  The feel on your wrist is amazing and the watch is surprisingly light weight.  This is from experience, unfortunately the piece is gone but not forgotten.

The Link is internationally known for its design and cosmopolitan elegance.  The signature “S” shaped bracelet is always recognized and the ergonomic design contributes to its comfort.

This watch is an investment piece and well worth it.  The Link watch will only appreciate in value which is a testament to the craftsmanship.


TAG Heur Link

New Year Time to Rebuild

Happy New Year


The new year begins and the messages are: refresh, renew, reorganize, back to basics.  Start with “Reflect”and work up to “Rebuild”.  Look at what you accomplished over the year, how you handled yourself when challenges arose.  

Happy New Year Time to Rebuild

Your character is built on how you conduct yourself when confronted with challenges coming at you from everywhere.  Check yourself on how you handled yourself internally and externally – learn from how improvements can be made.  

This sounds cliche but incorporating some sort of cardio vascular routine into your life is essential in managing stress.  At the start of whatever you choose, notice how you feel:  tense, angry, miserable.  When finished notice those feelings again and how they change:  tired, relaxed, ready – this is how it looks for me and it shouldn’t be that much different for you.

Sisley Paris Helps Skin Rebuild

Part of rebuilding is looking at yourself from the outside in.  We have discussed the inside so get a mirror.  No matter what anyone says we are all obsessed with youth.  We all want to look younger and there is nothing wrong with that – just don’t act like you did 10 years ago.

The most important aspect about picking a new skincare regime is pay attention to the ingredients and how they work with your skin.  It is not all the same across brands.  Many products only address specific problem areas.  

We have here for you to discover is a simple anti-aging / correcting routine for all skin types.  If your skin is sensitive, tends to get red quickly depending on diet or the sun – this is not for you.  However, this brand Sisley has products specific to sensitive skin.


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Wishing Family & Friends the Happiest of Holidays

Many of you are exchanging gifts, getting food ready, looking for something to wear ANYTHING to wear!  Just Breathe – you will get through the day.  Just soak in the warm feeling as someone opens up one of the gifts you purchased.  

It is always a warm feeling for me since each gift is meticulously picked out based on my observations throughout the year.  The mouth drops followed by “you remembered”.  I am a lot of things and a good listener is on the top of the list.

Golden Happy Holidays to my Family

Current situations have prevented me from purchasing any gifts but I know what each one on my list would have received if things were different.  As the old saying goes – it is the thought that counts.  It is during these times that creativity goes a long way.  I will give of my time or a possession of mine that a friend has commented on before.  

There is one gift I give every year without compromise – Lasagna.  I make a pretty amazing Lasagna.  It takes most of the day so that is why I am up this late or early depending on how you look at it.  It is kind of ironic that a man of Hispanic decent and his signature for the Holidays is Lasagna instead of Tamales.

Red & White Happy Holidays to my Family

My house is open for the day and anyone that has no where to go is welcome.  Friends are invited and encouraged to bring someone.  The most on any given year was about 15.  I followed in my mom and dad’s footsteps.  We always had people dropping by for a bite, nothing formal.

Without fail, the first sentence from mom:  “Let me fix you a plate.  No sit down, I have this.”  It is also during this time of reflection, I miss my family.  Growing up with 2 brothers and 2 sisters there was always a lot of laughter.  I am talking side splitting, tears streaming laughter.

To Mom, Peter, Tina, David, Sheila, Sylvia, Ceci, Daniel, Russell, Pamela, Andrew, Anna, James, Adrienne, Jared, Candice, Sammijon, Katelyn, Bryce and Daylin – Merry Christmas!  I have been thinking of you all this week.  I will get home soon.  HUGS AND KISSES TO ALL. 

Red Happy Holidays to my Family


GLAM Feature


Now it is time to get your glam on, kick up your heels and celebrate with your family and loved ones.  As you do this and let yourself be a little selfish, also be aware.

Be aware of those that are struggling whether with their job, relationship, finances, all of the above or more.  Just be aware and put your arm around them or hug them in support.  Let them know you are there for them if they need a shoulder or someone to listen.

These very simple gestures mean more than you will know.  In the moment, you take the time to just have a quick conversation, that alone could keep a desperate person on the inside from doing something drastic.  

You never really know what is going on in someones mind, especially when they feel backed up in a corner.  With those beautiful ruby red lips smile, wish good tidings, sing, laugh but most of all genuinely care and reach out.

UGG Australia

UGG Australia

Getting Noticed

UGGS started out in Southern California in the 70’s and modestly grew.  They were most popular with the surf culture of the time.  

UGG Jorie II Leather Boots $60 from $75 Right Side
UGG Jorie II Leather Boots $60 from $75

As the decades wore on the boots began popping up in trendy boutiques which resulted in some key celebrities photographed wearing the boots who were getting exposure into the mainstream and BAM!  A worldwide phenomenon.

UGG Dandylion Boots $195 from $243 Slight Side
UGG Dandylion Boots $195 from $243 Slight Side

I write about this to remind everyone to use your voice.  No matter how small or large the topic you want to get noticed – use your voice.  We are all here for a limited amount of time and leaving the beautiful place a little better than when we arrived makes all the heartache we go through worth it.

UGG Cybele Boots $212 from $265 Right Side
UGG Cybele Boots $212 from $265 Right Side

My passion is big along with my heart.  In the coming weeks you will learn more and the discussions will be passionate.  Always be respectful as you too want to heard.

UGG Scarlett Boots, $225 from $282
UGG Scarlett Boots, $225 from $282

NOW – the UGGS are on sale so this is the perfect time to cross out more names on your list!  And throw in a pair for yourself!!

What to Wear?

Holiday 2015 eStudioMeso

The Season Perfect

The Event Perfect

The Dress?

Don’t Worry it Doesn’t Have to be Black.

You have the invitation for the parties – WHAT TO WEAR?!?

You have seen the black dresses and nothing excites you.  

To your rescue, more options giving you the best choices available.  We have dresses for all occassions with a couple jumpsuits thrown in to really confuse you!  No really, the jumpsuits are featured because to dress up, you don’t have to wear a dress.

Beautifully tailored slacks paired with a scooped neck silk blouse, 7” stilettos, one 18 inch strand necklace of gold or pearls finished off with RED lips – THAT makes a statement.  Whatever you decide – let us know, take a picture and have fun with it.


Sleeveless Dresses


Short Sleeve Dresses




Long Sleeve Dresses




All Natural

Jackson Brook Natural Skincare Curators

Mullein & Sparrow at Jackson Brooke

Mullein & Sparrow’s natural beauty products are made with the purest, finest, plant-based ingredients including luxurious essential oils. All products are Cruelty Free.

Source: All Natural Beauty Products by Mullein & Sparrow

You can find these products and more at Jackson Brooke.  They have a 20% coupon running for their Black Friday promo.  

Get 20% Off the Best Natural Beauty Products This Week Only at JACKSONBROOKE.COM – Amazing Gifts for Everyone! Promo Code: THANKS SHOP NOW

Definitely, check them out!

Modern Luxury


The Gift of PRADA

We are in full swing for the gift giving season.  There is not a fashionista out there that would love to get anything PRADA!

Well, we arranged many of the favorite styles in one place to make it easy for you.  Click below and find that perfect gift and go ahead and pick up something for yourself!



Stay tuned next week for a breakdown on the upcoming Black Friday / Cyber Monday specials.

Have Some Fun

Red Lipsticks

Your Best Memory

Yesterday I challenged anyone to see if they could find a favorite or a new favorite Red Lipstick from the assortment picked out.  It has been a little slow, so a reminder to take some time to have a little fun.  

Share your best memory when wearing red lipstick.  If we have it listed – let us know or if you find a new favorite from the assortment, let us know that too.

Men – tell us if you dare why you like your wife or girlfriend to wear red lipstick.

Remember -please keep it clean.  I approve all comments before they go live.

Have some fun with this!  We created a special page with all the brands and the shades of red lipstick for you.  Just click the image below and it takes you there.

Red Lipsticks
Red Lipsticks
My best memory is my mom.  She only wore the red lipstick on special occasions.  Usually my dad was taking her out to dinner and we would get a baby sitter.  With 5 kids, it was difficult for her to find a sitter; especially one that would come a second time.  🙂




Color is the spectrum of light, distribution, wavelengths, light receptors, physics and more.  The interpretation of color is the communication between the retinas in our eyes to our brains.  The science of color is chromatics, the study of color in materials is color theory or electromagnetic radiation.

Color makes you smile, color is intense, soft, beautiful, soothing – color can give meaning to some and inspire others.  For me – color is life.  From as far back as I can remember, I love RED, but when asked would say Blue.

Why?  Well, red demands attention, stands out, is fun, daring, risqué, sensual, intimidating, powerful, danger, fear, caution, wrong, luscious, ripe, ruby.  In school, red on  your paper was not good, you were wrong – didn’t understand.  Calling attention to myself as a child or young adult was not my character.  As I hit my stride and confidence grew, I admitted to myself – I LOVE RED!  

In my professional career, who I was meeting drove the color of my tie.  The red helped in many ways just by being there – I wore the heck out of it!

The colors you chose to wear tell more about you than you do.  Someone wearing black – either they are mourning or are on the edge, moody, intense and with little sense of humor.  I used to wear black all the time and that is another conversation.

Find the color that makes you happy and wear it as much as you can.  When you wear your favorite color you smile.

Red is my favorite color and the color of the sweatshirt I am wearing.  

Red lips are the trend for Fall 2015.  There are articles in Elle, Harpers and the list goes on, so its time to find your PERFECT Red lipstick.

Red lips definitely attract attention.  Use the attention for good and smile to everyone.  That one gesture can turn someone else’s day around.

My challenge to you is find the perfect red lipstick and tell me why.  We have quite a few here for you to choose.  

For you men, tell me why you want your wife or girlfriend to wear red lipstick.



Modern and Feminine

Stumbling on something new is always fun and exciting.  This happened yesterday so staying up late to pull this all together was a MUST!

The find is ONLY out of Denmark that launched in 1995.  The collections are modern with an international class and appeal.  They have over 300 shops in Europe and the Middle East.  They are also in over 6,500 wholesale shops over 23 markets and globally online.

ONLY Women’s Brooks Rib Turtleneck $24.64.  Available in Peacoat, Dark Grey, Black

ONLY  is unique and modern.  Its about delivering fashion direct to you.  The philosophy is you, ONLY you.  

ONLY Women’s Ara Lace Long Sleeve Top in Black and Windsor Wine, $43.12

ONLY Women’s National PU Skirt in Black or Peat, $53.90

Each item in the collections are made for ONLY you.  This is a very unique way to build a brand.  The focus is on feminine strength, self-confidence and style.

ONLY Women’s Three Quarter Length Dress in Black, $33.88

ONLY watches the trends so you see that intermixed into the collections.  Their core is denim with signature detailing focusing on the core identity of the brand.

ONLY Women’s Jessie Wool Coat, $100.10

ONLY Women’s Ava Suede Biker Jacket in Black or Peat, $123.20


RAW Soul

Conscious of It’s Surroundings

“I thought they just had cool clothes for hipsters and hipster wannabes.”  Ever find yourself quoting yourself, it just happened.  Started out a few days with an idea to show some clothes that are cool, have edge – show a point of view.  What should have taken a couple of hours morphed into days.

After learning about the efforts made to help rid OUR oceans of plastic and the companies they fund to do this – all I could think was they have a “bionic” heart.  The reason is one of the companies is named Bionic.  They make yarn out of reclaimed plastic.  The other company in this venture is Parley for the Oceans – they have a network around the world that collects the plastic from the ocean.  In conjunction with G-STAR RAW (bionic heart) – the 3 companies are helping to put the oceans eco systems into a much better state than they are today.  

Currently the oceans have SIX TIMES MORE PLASTIC than sea life.

RAW for the Oceans

There are 4 steps to the process:

  1.  Retrieval of the plastic by Parley for the Oceans.  
  2. Spinning yarn out of plastic is done by Bionic, they make yarn out of plastic bottles exclusively.  They have strict guidelines in making the yarn used for the “RAW for the Oceans” collection.  The plastic is cleaned thoroughly then chopped and creates fibers that are spun into yarn.  There are 3 types of yarn ranging from 35% to 60% reclaimed plastic.
  3. The fabric is made.  To maintain the structure of denim only stronger the yarn is made with the recycled plastic as a core and wrapped with cotton.
  4. The garments are made through the normal GSTAR process.  This first collection is estimated to have used 700,000 plastic bottles.

This is just the beginning.  Each collection will contain higher percentages of plastic as they learn more about the process.  Next is education not only to the consumers but to the affected areas with plastic.  This has a global reach and is a powerful statement these companies are making, take a stand and make our world a better place.

Parley for the Oceans, Bionic and G-STAR RAW — they all have “Bionic Hearts” and I thank you for what you are doing.  

For my small part, I will be purchasing out of the “RAW for the Oceans” collection.  I saw a few things that go in either the “must have” list or the “gift” list.


p style=”text-align: center;”>This is not the only effort G-STAR RAW is doing for sustainability – each arm of the organization does it own part.  This company clearly understand the impact they can make – they truly have SOUL.

Deja Vu

Active sportsman snowboarding in snowdrift

Bitter Cold and Stormy

The consensus is this winter is a repeat of last years winter but colder. I hate delivering bad news so to help ease everyone into winter, many of the coats you have seen here are on sale. We are showing them all to you in one area but with a few here to get you excited!

I couldn’t post on Friday the 13th without something good to say so buy yourself a coat to stay warm while you work, play, ski what ever gets you up and moving.

Check out the rest of our coats and jackets by clicking here.

Ski - Get Moving

outroshop sale

Check out the rest of our coats and jackets by clicking here.

outroshop saleSnowboarding in winter against blue sky

Check out the rest of our coats and jackets by clicking here.


One of the Most Influential Designers of the 20th Century

Yves Saint Laurent born August 1936 and died June 1, 2008, was a French fashion designer, pioneer, visionary, risk taker and revolutionary.

He is credited for rescuing the house of Dior from ruin in 1957 at the age of 21 with the introduction of the “Trapeze” dress. This brought haute couture back to its former glory, and at the same time, he made ready-to-wear fashionable and desireable.


Yves Saint Laurent for Dior

The Infamous “Trapeze” Dress

Rescued the House of Dior in 1957


Yves Saint Laurent

After winning a lawsuit against Dior in november 1960 for breach of contract, Saint Laurent branched out and launched his own brand. In the 60’s and 70’s, he is credited  for these trends: Beatnik, Safari jackets, tight trousers, tall thigh high boots, the classic tuxedo suit for women and in 1965 the Mondrian Collection.



Many collections received rave reviews by fans and the press, but he also stirred up controversy with others.



In 1983, Saint Laurent became the first living fashion designer to be honored by the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a solo exhibition.


In 2001, he was awarded the rank of Commander of the légion d’Honneur by French president Jacques Chirac.


In 2007, he was awarded the rank of grand officier de la légion d’Honneur by French president Nicolas Sarkozy.


Saint Laurent died June 1, 2008 of brain cancer at his home in Paris. He was survived by his mother and sisters.


Yves Saint Laurent Retrospective


The Yves Saint Laurent retrospective of his work has been touring the world to sell out crowds. the demand is so high many venues have added days when possible.

The tour opened in Paris in 2010.




The Yves Saint Laurent brand continues to push boundaries and attracts younger clientele as it is seen as hip and cool.

This is true in Beauty as well for Yves Saint Laurent with award winning fragrance launches and continued development of products with cutting edge technology.


Touche Eclat Radiant Touche

The original face highlighter that launched a new generation of makeup. It emphasizes radiance over coverage and does not mask the skin.

Suggested Retail, $42



Fusion Ink Foundation

Feels like a feather. Wears like an ink. No more compromise. 24 hours of soft-matte perfection and comfort.

Suggested Retail, $60



Volupte Tint in Oil

Award Winner. A breakthrough innovation as Yves Saint Laurent revolutionizes the lip category by introducing a customized lip color suspended in a nourishing oil.

Suggested Retail, $32



Les Sahariennes

First ever blur perfector in a compact. For contouring or all-over sun-kissed glow. 

Suggested Retail, $55



Couture Palette

Create Eyes like a work of art with Couture Palette. A high concentration of pearls and pigments and a network of transparent powders results in a long-lasting complex for optimal hold.

Suggested Retail, $60



Rouge Pur Couture

Dressing women’s lips in couture colors is the inspiration for the ROUGE PUR COUTURE legacy; a wardrobe of iconic lipsticks able to deliver the promise of pure color, draped elegantly onto the lips.

Suggested Retail, $37



Black Opium Eau de Parfum

2015 Best New Female Fragrance by the Fragrance Foundation and Allure Best of Beauty award winner.

BLACK OPIUM gives a sensation of light-headedness, bordering on ecstasy.

Suggested Retail, $115 3oz Spray



Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris

Mon Paris Eau de Parfum

NEW sparkling fragrance, inspired by Paris, the city of intense love. Red berries and pear immediately exude sensuality and femininity.

Suggested Retail, $122 3oz spray






black dresses

perfect black dresses

it’s still about the dresses

yesterday was about the pitfalls of perfection. however, sometimes that pursuit can  borderline on obsession as it did with me.

black dress illustrated

today you see the dresses in the perfect black dress collection in a couple of formats. the intent is to help you make a more informed decision.

PBD Cover

enjoy browsing through the dresses and picking up one or two.  it is holiday season and what better way to enjoy the festivities but in a new perfect black dress.

entrance to the eStudio Closet

entrance to the estudio closet

Black Dress

Black Dress Illustration

The Pursuit of Perfection

Everyday we all strive for perfection in some form or fashion.  anyone who disagrees, is in denial :-).  Those of us that admit it are not better or more evolved just a little more aware.  I strive to be perfect in many areas, for example this post was supposed to be live on Monday – today is Friday.  

It took me this long to get it as “perfect” as I could.  Could have I done a bit more – yes but what you don’t know won’t hurt you ;-).  The most important element for you is variety.  You must have choices, in order to make your best decision.  

Every woman is in pursuit of two things we can offer here:

 the PERFECT red lipstick

the perfect BLACK dress

Today its all about the dress.  We have “a” line, glitz, glam, long, midi, maxi, mini, sheath, silk, back bearing, neck plunging, asymmetrical, faux leather, mesh, sweater, jersey and sleeveless.  

Illustration of Woman in Black Dress

So, i dare you to find your perfect black dress for any occasion!  We also thought ahead and have price points from $24.99 to just under $900.  

I realized a long time ago nothing will ever be 100% perfect and to prioritize the most important aspects.  this is how we grow and evolve.  

In this pursuit, there will be a dress with a better sillouhette or price or designer or …..    so what if you have 4 or 5 perfect black dresses, no one will judge you.  

black dress illustrated

They will thank you for giving them the idea to do the same.

James Perse Los Angeles Soft Knit Side Split Dress

James Perse Los Angeles Side Split Dress, $265


gifts of beauty

gifts of beauty

simply beautiful

the first week of november and i keep saying i have plenty of time.

the next thing you know its december 20th and there are no gifts purchased!

every year the same story – i am going to shop all year and pick up something special for everyone on my list.

another year and nothing except a gift guide for you! you will recognize everything it is pulled together so you don’t have to think about it.  the great thing about these products is their simplicity makes them desirable.  they are simple in the fact that you have what you need at your fingertips.

browse through and pick up what you need for your friends and family and of course a couple of things for yourself.

my goal is to give you some great picks at least once a week so you can focus on what is important, yourself.


laura geller 20 shades of shadow v.2, $55 laura geller 20 shades of shadow, volume 2, $55 a $215 value

Laura Geller Color Luster Kit, $25

laura geller color luster lip gloss set, $25 a $76 value


too faced chocolate bar eyeshadow palette, $49 too faced chocolate bar eyeshadow palette, $49

too faced sugar pop shadow collection Too Faced Sugar Pop Collection Too Faced Sugar Pop Collection

too faced sugar pop shadow collection, $36


dior 5 couleurs couture palette, $62

dior 5 couleurs couture palette, $62


shu uemera eyelash curler, $20

shu uemura eyelash curler, $20


glamglow supermud clearing treatment, $69

glamglow supermud clearing treatment, $69


chanel no 5

chanel no5, 3.4oz eau de parfum spray, $132

refreshing your bathroom or bed linens

one of my obsessions: the company store is having a promotion. check out the link below and pick out something that puts a smile on your face, you should be able to find a few things!

30% Off Any One Item + Free Shipping on $75+, Code: W15SALES, Valid: 11/8/15

paris in love

Too Faced Love Palette, $49

girly girls

one thing will never change – everyone wants to be in love.  your heart races when he walks in the door.  you start to sweat when you hear his voice.  your knees get weak, when you smell his cologne.  finally, you throw him down when he smiles at you for no reason at all.

that is romantic love, the kind everyone wants — to be swept away!  where else to be swept away to, than paris!  the one in France not Texas – just kidding to all my Texas friends!

well too faced cosmetics has the perfect eyeshadow kit to keep your eyes smoldering for him every step of the way.  this brand is all about pink, femininity, pretty, cruelty free, cutting edge technology AND having fun with a little wink and smile at the end.

the love palette is the inspiration for going to paris and falling in love over and over again.  the colors are amazing and give you the exact look from flirty to romantic or passionate all in one kit.  included is a glamour guide to walk you through the steps to achieve the different looks.  

ok – i don’t guarantee you will land the love of your life, but you will have a heck of a time with these kits!

too faced lovepallette

love palette $49


too faced wake up and glow

to keep you looking rested and in love with a natural glow

wake up and glow kit $65

too faced sugar pop shadow collection

sugar pop shadow collection $36

Too Faced betterthansex Mascara

better than sex mascara $23

too faced melted metal, liquified metallic lipstick dream house

too faced melted metal, liquified metallic lipstick dream house

melted metal, liquified metallic lipstick in dream house $21

available in 7 more colors

treat yourself

its never too late

anyone reading this that knows me, understands that sometimes i need to listen to my own advice. i am here to tell you its not too late for you or me. i am too this or too that is just an excuse we give ourselves to not do something we should.

i write this because i was reminded this week just how much of an impact on my life the month of october is. i have lost loved ones but have also found solace and a new beginning.

so as we go into the holidays with a vengeance, as you treat the little goblins, give yourself a treat as well.

in case you are wondering, Target is my “go to” store for great products at a great value. in a sales conference during my speech one year i actually said: “expect more, pay less”. that is a testament to the team at Target that the campaign is a success.

here are some great jackets that look amazing and will keep you warm while you trick or treat.

womens quilted jacket women’s quilted jacket $39.99

faux leather moto jacket women’s faux leather moto jacket $39.99

womens twill anorak jacket women’s twill anorak jacket $39.99

mens quilted bomber jacket men’s quilted bomber jacket $39.99

mens canvas hooded quilted shirt jacket men’s canvas hooded quilted shirt jacket $49.99

mens flannel lined canvas jacket men’s flannel lined canvas jacket $69.99

vera wang

vera wang logo

introducing new bedding collections

in 2002 vera wang exploded into the cosmetics and fragrance world with the launch of her signature fragrance, vera wang. the stores could not keep their shelves filled and was one of the biggest launches in the industry’s history at that time.  

it was the perfect marriage.

vera wang eau de parfum spray 1.7oz

vera wang 1.7oz eau de parfum spray $72

who would have imagined that the designer known for wedding dresses would evolve into the lifestyle brand of today. my take on the aesthetic is romantic, uncomplicated, soft with a slight edge.

she reminds us to stay aware of what is around us. its great to be in love but not blind love.

her new designs do not disappoint and are stunning!

vera wang noir bedding collection

noir bedding collection by vera wang, normally $135 – $675 for a limited time $89.99 – $449.99


vera wang fretework bedding colletti

fretework bedding collection by vera wang, normally $133 – $505 for a limited time $99.99 – $379.99


introducing twill stripe towel sets by vera wang, normally $50 for a limited time $19.99

vera wang twill stripe towel set white

twill stripe towel set white

vera wang twill stripe towel set moss

twill stripe towel set moss

vera wang twill stripe towel set haze

twill stripe towel set haze

vera wang twill stripe towel set antique pewter

twill stripe towel set antique pewter

vera wang twill stipe towel set midnight

twill stripe towel set midnight

hot mess

organize your life 

it seems like a day doesn’t go by and someone or some event is referred to as a “hot mess”. some might think of it as a compliment in an odd sort of way but when you peel back the layers you just have a mess. how does this mess start?

my philosophy is organization or the lack of it. when you walk into someones home and there is chaos, children screaming, clothes scattered, food on the counters, dirt on the floors, furniture in disarray you can’t help but feel tense. you don’t know where to sit or what to say. it is way too NOISY.

if you are shopping and the department or boutique is chaotic while it might be exciting for 2 minutes, you leave and go where it is uncluttered, clean, and well lit. this environment fosters better customer engagement and higher ticket sales. the reason is it is easy to navigate and find what you need.

organization is easy if you have the capacity to commit. you have to purge. without a purge you will never organize. a simple rule is if you have not touched something in a year get rid of it. sounds easy but it isn’t, i admit to having a few things that fall into the category of get rid of but I have kept them.

once you purge then have a place for everything but be flexible. all of this sounds great coming from someone who has never had to raise kids but with 2 brothers and 2 sisters growing up i learned very early that cutting down the noise made it easier for me to study or concentrate on a project. solid sateen bedding 500tc luxury solid sateen bedding, 500 thread count normally $49 – $249 for a limited time $29 – $149

my suggestion is to start in your bedroom. this is where you recharge and make yourself ready to take on everything that is put in your way. keep it clean and tidy and your day will start off great most of the time.

if you haven’t updated your bed linens in a while do it now. just throw in a few basics for a refresh and trust me you will definitely notice a change.

there was a time when using just basic linens was boring. the basics are no longer boring but luxurious and affordable.


Kensington Coverlet Bedding kensington coverlet Bedding $79 – $349


Brussels Matelasse & Shams


 Brussels Matelasse & Shams







brussels matelasse and shams $64 – $219



classic and urban

Barbour is best known for its iconic waxed jackets, and holds Royal Warrants from HM Queen Elizabeth II, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH The Prince of Wales.

founded in 1894, Barbour built their business by supplying ship owners, builders and seamen with the Beacon brand oilskin coats, providing protection from the elements weather on land or at sea.

today, Barbour jackets are still manufactured by hand in their factory in south shields. the product range has expanded and the customer base is more diversified to include young urbanites. Barbour continues to remain true to its core value of bringing you the style of the British countryside, which includes the qualities of grit and glamour to its beautifully functional clothing.

the clothing is very well made and at an affordable price. to make it even better, they are 25% off – so pick up a gift or two and throw something in your basket for yourself.



barbour women’s quilted coat women’s landry baffle quilt coat -silver ice / navy; normally $233.93, now $175.44


women's kirby cable crew sweater - vanilla women’s kirby cable crew sweater – vanilla; normally $171.13, now $128.35 women's munro tartan mini holdall bag - winter tartan women’s munro tartan mini holdall bag – winter tartan; normally $296.73, now $222.55

women's setter quilted wellington boots - black women’s setter quilted wellington boots – black; normally $109.90 now $82.43 women's caveson leather chelsea boots - black women’s caveson leather chelsea boots – black






men's heritage tweed liddesdale quilt jacket - navy men’s heritage tweed liddesdale quilt jacket – navy; normally $218.23, now $163.67

men's jack tartan shirt - ancient check men’s jack tartan shirt – ancient check; normally $109.82, now $82.37


men's heritage standards polo shirt - navy men’s heritage standards polo shirt – navy; normally $86.27, now $64.70


men's lochy explorer holdall bag - classic tartan men’s lochy explorer holdall bag – classic tartan; normally $343.83, now $257.87


men's readhead sude chukka boots - navy men’s readhead sude chukka boots – navy; normally $186.83, now $140.15


**sale prices in effect until 11/26/15; use code BARBOURCG to get the 25% savings


enhance your space with rugs

time to refresh

with the busy holiday season upon us, take the opportunity to enjoy your solace!

that’s more than enough time, now look around and imagine your home filled with friends and family celebrating with you. if you are like me, its time to refresh your home.

the easiest and quickest way is with an area rug. rugs can be found just about anywhere you shop: department stores, hardware super stores and Target.

at Target the selection and quality is great with competitive pricing.

the only “rule” i use is make sure colors don’t compete against each other but compliment. feel free to mix traditional with contemporary – as long as you like how it fits together that is all that matters.

you should also know that hand made rugs are of higher quality than machine made but come with a higher price tag, but you really can’t tell unless you look at the back of the rug.

have fun with this! there were so many styles just click the link below and you can see the styles we pulled together for you.


Surf & Balance

be active and eat healthy

this is about harnessing your common sense. we all know that being active with sports activities or going to the gym increases your serotonin levels which result in a happier positive self. add in eating healthy and you have the ability to maintain. Surf this all sounds too easy so why is it so hard? well throw in life – full-time job, starting up a business, maintaining a household, go through a divorce, move into a new house, keep up with your bills, carpool the kids and these are all obstacles to your balance. Billabong Rash Vests

                  Amphibious Top                       Wrap Rashguard           Wrap Highcollar Vest

                    $23.16 from $43.25                $23.16 from $38.60                    $26.26

so how do you balance everything to achieve a happier positive self? no one really knows because we are all facing different challenges at different times. my mantra is the only constant in life is there will always be change and how we manage through change defines who we are.

Mens Wetsuits

                       Foil LS Jacket                  Back Zip Wetsuit                 Steam Wetsuit

                           $61.77 from $84.94        $92.68 from $139.01            $122.79 from $200.80

what i can do is introduce you to, a site that gives you some of the tools you need to assist you on your quest. the 1, 2, 3 steps are your choice to make. only you know your limitations the only “rule” is to push yourself and consult your doctor if your plan gets you active after being in-active for a while. i didn’t do that and ended up with shin splints – OUCH! Surf Womens you need the right gear and clothing to master your plan, this sounds silly but if i had the right running shoes my shins might not have been damaged – think about it. Women’s Surf Gear

                     Women’s Regular Rashguard       Women’s Wetsuit              Rash Vest

                                         $38.60                   $120.47 from $139.01         $32.42 from $38.60

mix it up

mix it up

the season is red

about 12 months ago when designers and editors are looking at the upcoming year – they decided that red is the color for this season. if you google fall 2015 color trends, you will see red everywhere and it continues into makeup with red lips.


rouge ecstacy lipstick by giorgio armani rouge ecstacy lipstick by giorgio armani, $36

red is either a harsh color or just not a fit for some complexions. for those of you that can wear red – have fun with it!


Flash Lacquer Gloss by Giorgio Armani flash lacquer gloss by giorgio armani, $32


for those of you that struggle, find your “red” and own it. meaning if you are the only one at the table not wearing “red” lips, take charge of the conversation. be engaging to everyone and remember to smile.

what happens is pretty amazing, you get noticed with positive attention. no one remembers the red lips, only the woman who was a delight.

here are glosses, lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes galore for those of you of you that take the challenge to “mix it up”.


Dior Addict Fluid Stick dior addict fluid stick, $35


Dior Rouge Couture Colour

dior rouge couture color, $35


Dior 5 Couleurs Palette dior 5 couleurs palette, $62


Dolce & Gabbana Beauty

the gloss by dolce & gabbana $32 the eyeshadow duo by dolce & gabbana $45


Nars Eyeshadow nars eyeshadow duo, $35


Nars Blush

nars blush, $30


stick lamps

dual meaning

so many words in the english language have dual meaning: bank as a noun is a financial institution and as a verb means being able to depend on someone; book as a noun is a bound collection of pages and as a verb describes a specific action; crane as a noun is a bird or a piece of equipment.

Now to my example: atmosphere is way up in space or the ambience in a specific location like your home. there are many ways to set the mood or atmosphere for your home. this is done with color, textures, furniture style, accents, positioning and lighting.

Jazz Lamp Feature 2

just by dimming the lights you go from the family living room to an intimate setting for a party. you can completely change the aesthetic of a room with table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lamps, overhead lamps, recessed lights – all of them can work in tandem for you.

we have pulled together the extreme of all extremes, a lamp listed for $2,540 along with alternatives that create the same “atmosphere” for under $100. as we continue into Holiday 2015, be festive and update a room with new lamps, shades or both.

Jazz table lamp black

jazz table lamp by vibia in black, normally $2,540 now $2,159

bougie table lamp matte black bourgie table lamp opaque white with gold interior bourgie table lamp crystal bourgie table lamp chrome bourgie table lamp gold plated

bourgie table lamp in matte black, opaque white with gold interior, crystal, chrome, gold plated normally $450 now $382.50

the following selections will give you the same atmosphere of the above lamps at a fraction of the cost.

stick lamp

stick lamp by room essentials normally $14.99 now $13.50

acrylic stacked ball lamp with flocked lamp shade in sunnyside gold

acrylic stacked ball lamp with flocked shade in rich yellow normally $71.98, now $64.80

acrylic lamp with straight white and black drum

acrylic stacked ball lamp with straight drum shade in white and black normally $71.98, now $64.80

mercury stacked ball lamp with chevron shade

mercury glass stacked ball lamp with chevron shade normally $71.98, now $69.49

mercury glass stacked ball lamp with gray flocked ogee shade

mercury glass stacked ball lamp with flocked ogee lamp shade normally $75.98, now $73.09

turner lacquer lamp with printed shade

turner lacquer lamp with printed shade normally $46.99, now $42.30


James Perse Collection California Lifestyle

california lifestyle

ask anyone on the street, in your office, on the bus, at school, sitting next to you: “what did you think california would be like BEFORE you moved here?” if you don’t live here, then ask the same pool of people: “what do you think california is like to live?”

these were my answers as a teenager in the 70’s growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana: “just a bunch of crazy, hippies – they are all in cults!” this statement was based on 2 things, network news and the movie “helter skelter” that chronicled one of the most horrific mass murders in our history, my opinion.

today, answers range from:

“just a bunch of crazy hippies”
“just a bunch of queers”
“hollywood / entitled kids driving fast cars & doing drugs”
“free thinkers”

living here in san francisco since 1995 with a 2 year stint in New York, this is my home. the scared teenager had no idea he would flourish in a place he vowed NEVER to live. my perception was not only wrong it was made without all the facts of california. here is just a small sample of brands / companies started here, you should recognize a few:











James Perse Collection Relaxed Intensity

the california lifestyle is about relaxed intensity:

being current

on trend

setting trends

analyzing your business versus your demographics

pivoting to maintain maximum marketshare with upward trajectory,

doing all of this while smiling in shorts and flip flops.

James Perse Women’s Collection relaxed intensity

the wealth is staggering here without being obnoxious, meaning you could be sitting next to a billionaire sipping coffee in a cafe and never realize it.  you achieve this with little effort, remembering where you started, respecting those around you and giving back when you are able.  the measure of an individual is not in how much he or she has in the bank, but in how they have treated people both in the good times and the times of struggle.

James Perse Collection Home

every “task” or new procedure that my team members would moan and groan about was about preparation.  i was always preparing them for the worst, the bad times so that when they arrived the team is prepared with the tools and education to continue to build and grow.  those that understood this, always maintained their growth even during the recession of 2009.

my perception of california changed the moment i stepped off the plane.  it continues to grow and evolve as i do and the state does.  where the future lies is anyones guess but you can BET, the next trends start here.

james perse collection

men’s coats

Men’s Coats

keep it simple

figuring out a title for this post wouldn’t come. all sorts of elaborate ways to convey the message clogged my brain. then a saying i use all the time popped up “keep it simple”.

the message is simple both in personal and professional lives, you have to keep it simple. examples of keeping it simple: be transparent, honest, forth coming and direct. what you get in return: respect, loyalty, powerful partnerships and an ethical reputation.

a real life example: when meeting with a retail partner i reviewed exclusive products they would receive along with their competitors. in the meeting my boss, the ceo cut me off when the retailer in the meeting liked an exclusive their competitor received. the reason in doing it this way is for growth and market share. each retailer is given the opportunity to be creative and build a plan to counter act their competition with their own resources.

unfortunately my boss didn’t understand the concept. her reaction didn’t deter me from continuing to operate this way which ended up helping me in my future endeavors.

this style makes it so much easier to manage your partnerships and build long-lasting friendships with people you do business.

and now here are the men’s coats ranging in style, fabrication and price. you will find one that is perfect and would look forward to hearing about it.

coat with shearling collar

shearling collar coat suggested retail $1,550

corby trench

corby trench coat suggested retail $1,085

byron packway

byron parkway coat normally $1,356.25, now $813.75

broadgate trench

broadgate trench coat suggested retail $697.50

heritage liddesdale

heritage liddesdale jacket suggested retail $154.92

bedale waxed jacket

bedale waxed jacket suggested retail $385.95

circuitmaster jacket

circuit master jacket suggested retail $852.50

chateau downfilled parka

chateau down filled parka suggested retail $1,046.25

langford parka

langford parka suggested retail $1,007.50

lodge jacket black

lodge jacket suggested retail $697.50

buttoned coat

buttoned coat suggested retail $542.50

quilted jacket cashmere lining

quilted jacket cashmere lining normally $852.50, now $596.75

wax cotton field jacket

wax cotton field jacket normally $1,162.50, now $813.75

diesel madara 2 jacket

diesel Madera 2 jacket suggested retail $273.20

quilted hooded jacket

quilted hooded jacket suggested retail $751.31

bat hooded jacket

bat hooded jacket suggested retail $212.49

G star meefic quilted jacket

suggested retail $182.14

warm & stylish

warm & stylish

winter coats & jackets

getting ready for winter is dreaded by most people, not me. love the season! as a kid, getting a new coat was always needed so that meant going to the mall. yes, the dreaded mall. in those days the phones were neither smart or cellular most were rotary dial so you had to make your purchase in a store.

stop scratching your heads and ask your parents.

coats were usually bulky and nondescript but the fact i was able to get a new one every year kept me excited. reflecting back now it was so i could see all the stuff that was being promoted for holiday. mom and i would stay for hours – those days were special.

living in california there is not much of a need for a winter coat or to even get a new one every year, BUT one must stay current. finding coats that will keep you warm and make you look good not that difficult anymore.

all of these coats are beautiful, can’t wait to hear that you picked one up and its more than you expected it to be!

reversible wool angora coat

tibi reversibile double faced wool angora coat – black, suggested retail $1,618.54

hooded fur trim parka

canada goose kensington slim fit hooded fur trim parka in graphite, suggested retail $1,155

wool hooded coat

marc by marc jacobs norman bonded wool hooded coat in black, suggested retail $1,039.50

printed trench coat

michael michael kors short printed trench coat in duffle, suggested retail $500.50

cotton field jacket

cotton field jacket

knutsford wax cotton field jacket with detachable toscana collar in dark brown normally $1,232, now $862.40

roadmaster jacket

belstaff roadmaster waxed jacket in black, suggested retail $847

striped biker jacket

each x other striped leather bands biker leather jacket in black/red, suggested retail $1,581.58

panelled leather jacket

michael michael kors panelled leather jacket in black / silver suggested retail $762.30

formula 1

formula 1

tag heuer

this casual watch was inspired by the formula 1 race. these watches are worn by champion drivers and those that share the need for speed, accuracy and excellence in craftsmanship.

swiss made and avant garde these watches are aspirational and attainable. the feel on your wrist is amazing and the pieces are light weight. i speak from experience, unfortunately the piece is gone but not forgotten.

as you make your way through life, don’t forget about you. remember to treat yourself on occasion. having another tag is definitely on my list ;-)!

here are some at a nice savings, enjoy.

titanium black dial with red

titanium with black dial, normally $2,564, now $2,306

titanium black dial rubber strap

titanium with black dial and rubber strap, normally $2,344, now $2,110

indy 500 chronograph

indy 500 chronograph, normally $2,269, now $2,042

stainless steel chronograph

stainless steel chronograph, normally $2,117, now $1,906

stainless steel black dial

stainless steel with black dial, normally $1,815, now $1,633