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Silver, Gold Elegant...

Silver, Gold Elegant Holiday Feature

    Silver, Gold Elegant Holiday       If you ever wanted to have a “designer” Christmas Tree but felt it is too expensive or extravagant to do, well now is the time to dive in and make it happen. The selection and pricing at Target is AMAZING! This year you can have a […]

Holiday Promotions A...

Holiday Promotions Available Just In Time

  Holiday Promotions Available Just In Time       Black Friday 2016 is here! We have pulled an array of specials for you to find something for EVERYONE on your list! And of course with enough savings left over to pick up a few things for you too!!   It has been a hectic […]

Hudson Park Artesia ...

Hudson Park Artesia Collection

  Hudson Park Artesia Bedding Collection   Everyone should have a special sanctuary to recharge every night. Hudson Park is effortless luxury and the Hudson Park Artesia Bedding Collection gives you a space with texture and bold jewel tones.     They thought of everything, the entire collection is machine washable making it simpler for […]

Creating Your Best H...

Creating Your Best Memories

    Creating Your Best Holiday Memories       Thanksgiving is a few days away and many people begin to remember the Holidays when they were growing up. It was a much simpler time. At our house, there was always something cooking that smelled amazing. Our Mother had a knack on how to have […]


    BLOOMINGDALES BIG BROWN BAG SALE       The Bloomingdales Big Brown Bag Sale has arrived!! Savings all over the store time to power through your gift list. 25% off of every $200 spent at Plus save up to 50% on select items Loyalists Triple Points!!  Use your bloomingdales credit card at […]

Dia de los Muertos C...

  Dia de los Muertos Celebration   Or the Day of the Dead falls on November 1st and is celebrated all throughout Latin America. While it is is celebrated all over Latin America, Dia de los Muertos Celebration is most associated with Mexico, where it all began.  This celebration centers around family with parties, festivals, parades celebrating the lives of those no […]

Halloween Spooky Dec...

Halloween Spooky Decor

  Halloween Spooky Decor October is halfway through and Halloween is right around the corner. Get your Halloween Spooky Decor ready and add to the decor making it more Spooktacular. From wreaths, jack-o-lanterns, to Glass Skulls create a slick, modern scare fest for your guests.                    

Saks Fifth Avenue Fr...

Saks Fifth Avenue Friends Family Event

  Saks Fifth Avenue Friends Family Event   The event is here – Saks Fifth Avenue says thank you and passes on to you savings on your purchases. Now is the time to buy the handbag, shoes, or beauty item that has caught your attention!    This is another great way to power through your […]

Vera Wang Elegant

Vera Wang Elegant Style

  Vera Wang Elegant   Entrepreneur, Designer, Style Arbiter, Mother, Daughter and Wife born and raised in New York is first generation Asian American of Chinese decent is a perfect example of how with drive, ambition, belief in self and talent there is nothing you cannot accomplish.      Vera started her fashion career at Vogue hired out of college as […]

Bloomingdales Friend...

Bloomingdales Friends & Family Event

    Bloomingdales Friends Family Event     It is Friends and Family Event at Bloomingdales. There is a great selection of products to choose. This is a great opportunity to get your Holiday list done.         Choose from fashion for you and your family, or in home find items to finish a […]

Waterford Crystal, E...

    Waterford Crystal, Entertaining 2016     There is one week left in September, the Holiday season is here. As you plan themes, menus, invitations there is an interesting collection to consider from Waterford Crystal, Entertaining 2016.         The collection has a casual feel as the Wicker Collection but make no mistake […]

Ralph Lauren Great C...

Ralph Lauren Great Compton Old World Elegance     Updating your bedroom can be a daunting task especially if all you find are floral prints. Ralph Lauren always has collections that are neutral and great to build your new look. One such collection is Ralph Lauren Great Compton Old World Elegance.   Using an unexpected mix of […]

Wedgwood Christmas i...

  Wedgwood Christmas in July Christmas is magical and as a child it took forever for the season to get here and then was over too fast. The smell of fresh pine when setting up the tree, cinnamon in the hot chocolate and shopping.  My motto is always one for you and one for me! […]

Ralph Lauren Home Co...

Ralph Lauren Home Feature

Ralph Lauren Home Collection   Most of my adult life, gravitating to the Ralph Lauren section of every store is natural and comfortable.  The colors and textures are soothing and put a smile on your face.  The designs are traditional and stand the test of time.  At first, the products seem expensive, but when the bedding […]

Nature Comes Home

Coyuchi-nature comes home

Nature Comes Home Coyuchi – organic bedding is nature comes home.  Why contain spring break to just fashion?   The new Coyuchi Lattice Bedding Collection is light and brings a new breath of freshness to your bedroom.  Organic Cotton and linen in white and sage green – sumptuous and comfortable!


Hope Vintage Floral

Hope We are almost finished with February and this is my first post for the new year.  I had high hopes for 2016.  This would be the year to rebound and rebuild.  Well the first month and a half have been more challenging than the past 2 years combined. Even with all the challenges – […]

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Wishing Family & Friends the Happiest of Holidays Many of you are exchanging gifts, getting food ready, looking for something to wear ANYTHING to wear!  Just Breathe – you will get through the day.  Just soak in the warm feeling as someone opens up one of the gifts you purchased.   It is always a warm […]



CYBER MONDAY  This is so exciting! Cyber Monday is more intense than expected. Everyone enjoy – let me know what you pick up. I will be hitting the Company Store, Target, Laura Geller – oh heck – I am going to all of them! BEAUTY Laura Geller Beauty Too Faced Cosmetics LOOKFANTASTIC Mankind   HOME […]

TARGET Cyber Promoti...

Target Cyber Monday

AMAZING DEALS, AMAZING PRODUCTS As my obsession grows with Target couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share these pretty amazing deals for you all to enjoy!  The one I plan on taking advantage is the first, 15% OFF ONLINE APPLE PRODUCTS!!!! There are more offers at Target the ones listed below are the most compelling. […]


Target My Obsession

Never Say Never There is a time for everyone when shopping is only done in certain stores. For some it is more status than quality and others purely the aesthetic, quality and lifestyle of the brand. On the opposite end of the spectrum for customers on tight budgets, there is Target. Shopping for status is […]



YOUR SHOPPING LIST Every year the same speech – let’s pick out Holiday gifts for everyone throughout the year so November & December are not crazy months of shopping. Well – that didn’t happen so here is your shopping list.   There are items we think your family and friends will enjoy receiving.  We have […]


Get Ready Part 2

These are the offers ready to release.  Another update sends out in a couple of hours. THIS IS EXCITING! BEAUTY         For Members Only: Shop’s Black Friday Preview! 25% Off Any Order for Registered Members. Use code: PREVIEW25 at checkout. Valid 11-23-15 through 11-26-15.  For Members Only: Get 30% Off orders $100+ […]


Shopping Bags

The Deals are Rolling In There are about 10 messages left to sort through and you will get the information you need with the specific dates and codes to get some pretty amazing products. Luxury bed linens, Shoes, Beauty, Designer Clothing Men’s and Women’s, Furniture, Home Accents, Active Wear, Watches, and more!! My head is […]

vera wang

vera wang logo

introducing new bedding collections in 2002 vera wang exploded into the cosmetics and fragrance world with the launch of her signature fragrance, vera wang. the stores could not keep their shelves filled and was one of the biggest launches in the industry’s history at that time.   it was the perfect marriage. vera wang 1.7oz eau […]

hot mess

organize your life  it seems like a day doesn’t go by and someone or some event is referred to as a “hot mess”. some might think of it as a compliment in an odd sort of way but when you peel back the layers you just have a mess. how does this mess start? my […]


enhance your space with rugs

time to refresh with the busy holiday season upon us, take the opportunity to enjoy your solace! that’s more than enough time, now look around and imagine your home filled with friends and family celebrating with you. if you are like me, its time to refresh your home. the easiest and quickest way is with […]


stick lamps

dual meaning so many words in the english language have dual meaning: bank as a noun is a financial institution and as a verb means being able to depend on someone; book as a noun is a bound collection of pages and as a verb describes a specific action; crane as a noun is a […]


James Perse Collection California Lifestyle

california lifestyle ask anyone on the street, in your office, on the bus, at school, sitting next to you: “what did you think california would be like BEFORE you moved here?” if you don’t live here, then ask the same pool of people: “what do you think california is like to live?” these were my […]


company store logo

up to 60% off that is all you have to say and i am there!  my mantra is NEVER buy at full retail. retailers are always going on and off sale, so when on a serious budget wait for the sale! a new find and the products here OH MY gorgeous.  can’t wait for my […]

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