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Hudson Park Artesia ...

Hudson Park Artesia Collection

  Hudson Park Artesia Bedding Collection   Everyone should have a special sanctuary to recharge every night. Hudson Park is effortless luxury and the Hudson Park Artesia Bedding Collection gives you a space with texture and bold jewel tones.     They thought of everything, the entire collection is machine washable making it simpler for […]

Saks Fifth Avenue Fr...

Saks Fifth Avenue Friends Family Event

  Saks Fifth Avenue Friends Family Event   The event is here – Saks Fifth Avenue says thank you and passes on to you savings on your purchases. Now is the time to buy the handbag, shoes, or beauty item that has caught your attention!    This is another great way to power through your […]

Vera Wang Elegant

Vera Wang Elegant Style

  Vera Wang Elegant   Entrepreneur, Designer, Style Arbiter, Mother, Daughter and Wife born and raised in New York is first generation Asian American of Chinese decent is a perfect example of how with drive, ambition, belief in self and talent there is nothing you cannot accomplish.      Vera started her fashion career at Vogue hired out of college as […]

Ralph Lauren Great C...

Ralph Lauren Great Compton Old World Elegance     Updating your bedroom can be a daunting task especially if all you find are floral prints. Ralph Lauren always has collections that are neutral and great to build your new look. One such collection is Ralph Lauren Great Compton Old World Elegance.   Using an unexpected mix of […]

Ralph Lauren Home Co...

Ralph Lauren Home Feature

Ralph Lauren Home Collection   Most of my adult life, gravitating to the Ralph Lauren section of every store is natural and comfortable.  The colors and textures are soothing and put a smile on your face.  The designs are traditional and stand the test of time.  At first, the products seem expensive, but when the bedding […]

Nature Comes Home

Coyuchi-nature comes home

Nature Comes Home Coyuchi – organic bedding is nature comes home.  Why contain spring break to just fashion?   The new Coyuchi Lattice Bedding Collection is light and brings a new breath of freshness to your bedroom.  Organic Cotton and linen in white and sage green – sumptuous and comfortable!

vera wang

vera wang logo

introducing new bedding collections in 2002 vera wang exploded into the cosmetics and fragrance world with the launch of her signature fragrance, vera wang. the stores could not keep their shelves filled and was one of the biggest launches in the industry’s history at that time.   it was the perfect marriage. vera wang 1.7oz eau […]

hot mess

organize your life  it seems like a day doesn’t go by and someone or some event is referred to as a “hot mess”. some might think of it as a compliment in an odd sort of way but when you peel back the layers you just have a mess. how does this mess start? my […]


James Perse Collection California Lifestyle

california lifestyle ask anyone on the street, in your office, on the bus, at school, sitting next to you: “what did you think california would be like BEFORE you moved here?” if you don’t live here, then ask the same pool of people: “what do you think california is like to live?” these were my […]


company store logo

up to 60% off that is all you have to say and i am there!  my mantra is NEVER buy at full retail. retailers are always going on and off sale, so when on a serious budget wait for the sale! a new find and the products here OH MY gorgeous.  can’t wait for my […]

welcome ( 2 )

Coyuchi-nature comes home

respect respect yourself, respect nature, respect those around you this is the second welcome and is not a test.  this is live!  daunting, fun and nerve racking is the atmosphere here.  be patient as we continue to work out a couple of bugs here and there, but welcome to eStudioMeso. the name, “eStudio” is an […]

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