Color is the spectrum of light, distribution, wavelengths, light receptors, physics and more.  The interpretation of color is the communication between the retinas in our eyes to our brains.  The science of color is chromatics, the study of color in materials is color theory or electromagnetic radiation.

Color makes you smile, color is intense, soft, beautiful, soothing – color can give meaning to some and inspire others.  For me – color is life.  From as far back as I can remember, I love RED, but when asked would say Blue.

Why?  Well, red demands attention, stands out, is fun, daring, risqué, sensual, intimidating, powerful, danger, fear, caution, wrong, luscious, ripe, ruby.  In school, red on  your paper was not good, you were wrong – didn’t understand.  Calling attention to myself as a child or young adult was not my character.  As I hit my stride and confidence grew, I admitted to myself – I LOVE RED!  

In my professional career, who I was meeting drove the color of my tie.  The red helped in many ways just by being there – I wore the heck out of it!

The colors you chose to wear tell more about you than you do.  Someone wearing black – either they are mourning or are on the edge, moody, intense and with little sense of humor.  I used to wear black all the time and that is another conversation.

Find the color that makes you happy and wear it as much as you can.  When you wear your favorite color you smile.

Red is my favorite color and the color of the sweatshirt I am wearing.  

Red lips are the trend for Fall 2015.  There are articles in Elle, Harpers and the list goes on, so its time to find your PERFECT Red lipstick.

Red lips definitely attract attention.  Use the attention for good and smile to everyone.  That one gesture can turn someone else’s day around.

My challenge to you is find the perfect red lipstick and tell me why.  We have quite a few here for you to choose.  

For you men, tell me why you want your wife or girlfriend to wear red lipstick.