yesterday was CHANEL fashion and as a lifestyle brand, we must look at beauty.  the standards set forth in fashion follows suit into beauty.  the prestige is maintained through specific standards put into place for the brand and relationships developed with the retail partners.

extending into the details, what comes to mind is upon my arrival into san francisco in 1995, CHANEL was in full blown launch of “vamp”, nail color and lipstick.  this was the single most incredible thin i had seen where all aspects of the execution were covered:

education                  marketing                 retailer support

positioning               advertising

the stores looked incredible and the product was flying off the shelves.  the inventory moved so fast and everyone was running out.  one key element was overlooked, proper forecasting.

that one experience was ingrained in my memory and i told myself that if i ever was a buyer – running out of inventory would never happen.  that mantra guided me and allowed me to develop highly successful business so the attention to the detail stays with through to today.

chanel continues to maintain positioning by never faltering on the standards put forth many years ago.  that is one of the main reason CHANEL No 5 maintains a top 10 fragrance rank globally.

chanel no 5

chanel no 5, 3.4oz eau de parfum spray



chanel allure, 1.7oz eau de parfum spray


chanel chance eau de parfum

chanel chance, 1.7oz eau de parfum spray


chanel chance eau de toilette

chanel chance, 1.7oz eau de toilette spray


allure homme sport

chanel allure homme sport, 5oz eau de toilette spray


chanel allure homme

chanel allure homme, 5oz eau de toilette spray


we pulled together a collection for you below out of the fall lineup that can be basics for you.  all the colors are wearable for all skin tones.  packaging – perfection as usual.  to start is the les 5 ombre de chanel eyeshadow palette entrelacs limited edition, in different shades of nude.  they go from light to deep; satin to matte.  the design on each shade is inspired by the aubazine abbey in central france  where coco chanel grew up.  you can see the design of the stained glass windows in the abbey on each shade.  this creates a fresh natural look.

for more drama use the les 4 ombres mute-effect quadra eyeshadow palette, 244 tisse jazz.

les 4 ombre palettes redefine eyeshadow as an all in one solution.  each palette features vibrant shades inspired by the intertwining threads found in the chanel tweed.

the collections offer endless possibilities since each has 2 medium tones for coloring and contouring, deep shade for intensification and a light shade for highlighting.

244, tisse jazz  – part of the blue rhythm collection for the season is inspired by the spirit of jazz and celebrates the boldness of blue.

create the perfect smokey blue eye

finish the eyes with le volume de chanel mascara, noir

your eyes are center stage so your lip is muted in one of 3 variations of brown:  125 indecise, dark tan; 124 ambique, brown with flecks of gold; 122 farouche, rich chocolate brown

chanel eyeshadow palette

les 5 ombres de chanel, entrelacs limited edition



les 4 ombres mute-effect quadra eyeshadow

244 tisse jazz


chanel mascara

le volume de chanel mascara


chanel lipstick 125 indecise

rouge allure lipstick 125 indecise

chanel lipstick 124 amibigue

rouge allure lipstick 124 ambigue

chanel lipstick 122 farouche

rouge allure lipstick 122 barouche

rouge allure intense long-wear lip colour


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