classic designs that reflect your mood

former sylist, clelia tavernier previously created in the house of kenzo, yves saint laurent and pierre hardy. She now has her own brand under her name and designs for the modern woman. these designs are in essential accessories and considers the products as individual works of art.

these works of art reflect the mood of the women wearing them. the bags are contemporary and classic at the same time, not an easy design to accomplish yet she does this effortlessly. works of art are investments as are these bags and accessories – they are stunningly beautiful.

this is where obsession kicks in – i can’t take my eyes off these bags. the names are ridiculously adorable even if they were not meant to be. every detail is accounted for and executed. you will enjoy owning one of these exquisite items and they will last as all investment pieces do.

augustine handbag

augustine handbag, $1,290

marguerite bag

marguerite bag, $1,373

leonie bag

leonie bag, $1,553

hortense bag

little hortense bag, $1,793

dora sandals

dora sandals, $669

djen sandals


p style=”text-align: center;”>djen sandals, $807