Dolce & Gabbana Creamy Face Colour



Dolce & Gabbana Creamy Face Colour



Women living in the Mediterranean Coastal region are known for their complexion – radiant, effortless, natural beauty. Its part fresh sea air, lifestyle and olive complexion. Certain factors prohibit you from basking in the sun to get this look.


Dolce & Gabbana Creamy Face Colour helps you achieve the radiance and glow from living in the Mediterranean.



Dolce & Gabbana Cream Face Colour the Mediterranean



Dolce & Gabbana Cream Face Colour, $55

There are four Creamy Blushes allowing you to contour to your specific needs resulting in a natural radiant glow.

For those seeking a creamy texture and easy application for a glowing, luminous skin.
Features: Creamy, lightweight texture glides smoothly onto skin; Colours can be mixed and built up easily; Effortless contouring; Natural and healthy-looking skin

Blush: apply your desired shade to the apples of the cheeks and along the cheekbones, using your fingertips.