EMMA New York Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Night in New York

Made in New York and formulated using quality ingredients:  natural plant extracts, vitamins and essential oils.  A unique collaboration with professional makeup artists around the world so you have the essentials you need.  The women in New York are known across the globe for their sense of style:  sophisticated, polished, professional.

Emma Face

Captures and enhance timeless beauty.  These luxury cosmetics are clinically proven to enhance your complexion.

This new brand is timeless beauty in itself and will bring you complexion perfection.  EMMA takes the stress out of color matching and makes is easier to bring out your own beauty.

Celebrity makeup artists collaborate and edit the product line. The products you see compliment your complexion and give you the perfect look.  

EMMA New York is stunningly beautiful not only with the packaging but the products themselves.  It’s exciting to see a new brand like this grow and develop.