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eStudioMeso Fashion for Women and Men Accessories and Clothing


eStudioMeso Fashion for Women and Men Accessories and Clothing


What is Fashion?


eStudioMeso and Fashion is how you dress. It covers both women and men with accessories: shoes, socks, ties; clothing: dresses, pants, shirts, suits; design: fabrics, colors, hemlines, length, width, cut and the list is endless.



Buffalo David Bitton Jeans



There are trends in hair, makeup and fashion for women and men and we will do our best to cover it all for you here.  We review the major brands, designers and those that are emerging and give you our feedback. 


We show alternatives for those on a budget.


“Style is a way to say WHO YOU ARE without having to speak” - Rachel Zoe


“I don’t design clothes, I design DREAMS” - Ralph Lauren


“Fashions fade STYLE is eternal” - Yves Saint Laurent


“When in doubt, WEAR RED” - Bill Blass


"SIMPLICITY is the key note of all true elegance” - Coco Chanel


“Fashion is INSTANT language” - Muccia Prada


“Elegance is a question of PERSONALITY, more than one’s clothing” - Jean-Paul Gaultier


eStudioMeso Fashion for Women and Men Accessories and Clothing


In fashion, accessories give you the chance to show your personality. The accessories you choose define your style with one rule - less is more. The most important accessory for a woman is her handbag. The assortment of handbags for women is extensive - give us your feedback.


An integral part of fashion is theatre and how designers present collections. The “Show” is set to music, there is a theme supporting the collection ending on the catwalk. Just as important as the designer’s vision is the “muse” personified with the “Supermodel”. She owns the catwalk and brings the vision to life.




Carmen Dell'Orfice



Suzy Parker





Jean Shrimpton





Jerry Hall


Beverly Johnson



Christie Brinkley




Brooke Shields




Christy Turlington


Linda Evangelista


Naomi Cambell


Cindy Crawford


Tyra Banks