Fern Leather Biker Jacket is an instant classic as is the original motorcycle jacket.


The motorcycle jacket is a style icon as well as protective gear. It comes in a variety of styles increasing its popularity. The jacket was introduced in 1928 and was named the Perfecto – a version of it is still produced today.


The jacket has evolved through the years keeping it on trend and always in style. It is a staple piece for any wardrobe regardless if you ride a motorcycle. The original design of the jacket, with the pocket placement and the large zipper made it an instant hit. The military saw the utility of the jacket and used it in WWII, thus increasing the popularity of the jacket. It was mainly used by the air-force.


Marlon Brando wore the jacket in the movie, The Wild One – increasing its popularity with the mainstream and the motorcycling world. The style became a worldwide phenomenon and a symbol of counterculture. The jacket has evolved through the years depending on the trends of the time while staying true to the original design. People that wear the jacket are considered independent and free-spirited.


The one fact that has stayed true through the decades is it is still the best way to stay safe and comfortable while riding a motorcycle. The most unique element of the motorcycle jacket is that it works for both men and women.


Fern Leather Biker Jacket, $489


The Fern, it’s new with traditional metal hardware and recycled materials. The jacket is close-fitting with zips and studs similar to those worn by motorcyclists

The jacket features: Zip closure, Long sleeve, Dull nickel zips, Zipped cuffs, Three lower pockets, Lightly washed and tumbled, Recycled fabrics, 60% of wastewater is reused during the processing of the leather used to make this style