Giorgio Armani Rouge, Red for Fall


Red is always an important color for the fall season and Fall 2016 continues with the trend. Since Red is a commanding color, representing power, love, sensuality, passion, sensitivity – be thoughtful in how you wear it. Giorgio Armani Rouge, Red for Fall is available for lips, cheek and nail.


Giorgio Armani Rouge, Red for Fall


Red lips, cheek and nails definitely get you noticed pulled together with red fashion makes a monochromatic statement. Red accents black like an exclamation point, directing looks your way. Giorgio Armani has many variations of red shades for your lips – you will certainly be able to find your signature.


Start off with your cheeks using the cheek “fabric” to accentuate them.


Giorgio Armani Cheek Farbic, $48

Fabrics have their own itendity so its a natural progression that a fashion designer draw the correclation into color cosmetics. The Cheek fabric highlights cheeks as you would expect chiffon, lightly. Processed with the thinnest textures, each shade brightens the face, highlights the brow, contours cheekbones – the result an ultimate glow.




Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Lacquer Lip Gloss, $38

Shines like lacquer with the high color color pigment and comfort of a lipstick, and it lasts like a stain. It incorporates a new innovative technology; Armani Liquid Vinyl. This uses the highest concentration of water soluble pigments, that results in pure vivid color impact and long wear. Enriched with glycerin for comfortable application and hydration. You can apply with a single layer for a hint of color, or comvine with lipstick to layer for a bold lip.




Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Lip Gloss, $38

The first lip lacquer with a comfortable velvet, radiant matte finish. Your lips appear plump and illuminated. A high concentration of pigments are delivered in a gel texture that is not sticky giving hours of hydration and intense, passionate, radiant lips.




Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani Lipstick, $37

Lipstick that lets you experience comfort and shine without fading and feathering. The unique formula gives lips up to 8 hours of intense lip color, and the soft texture leaves lips  hydrated. This long-lasting lipstick is packaged in an elegant black lacquered case with a magnetic closure. Sealed with a click. 




Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick, $37

The first “CC” lipstick is a coulour explosion that is nourishing with high-impact colour and moisturizing balm. A velvety soft fininsh, coats the lips in saturated, ultra-luminous shades and all day hold. The red lacquer bullet is luxurious and sophisticated with its clean lines and magnetic closure at a click. Available in a broad range of intense and vibrant colours to enhance your look and desires.




Giorgio Armani Nail Lacquer, $20

Runway ready high shine, long wear, easy application nail color. The Nail Lacquer varnishes are available in a variety of colors. They create a gel / varnish texture that change throughout the application. The specially designed brush delivers high shine with a simple application.