GUCCI, Resilience is Sexy

GUCCI founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence Italy. In 2009 GUCCI ascended into the “top global 100 brands” according to Business Week magazine. They have achieved this through distribution in upscale department stores and 278 GUCCI operated stores.

gucci fall 2015 runway

In 2013, GUCCI made it into the Forbes list of most valuable brands.

GUCCI started out in leather goods, and the iconic double “G” was introduced in the 40’s during the war. In the mid 60’s they introduced the gucci lush butterfly pattern and then followed by equally luxurious floral prints.

The company flourished during the 70’s and hit a wall in the 80’s due to bad management and family scandal. By the late 90’s the brand rebounded and has eclipsed its former stature.

GUCCI is known the world over for fine leather goods and sumptuously sexy well made clothing.

gucci fall winter 2015 adThe future of the brand is wherever they want to take it.

We share this with you as an example of how a few bad decisions can take a flourishing company to the brink of extinction, but add in the tenacity to succeed you can rebuild. usually when this happens the new brand is stronger and more resilient. GUCCI has certainly shown us they are not going anywhere.

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