Wishing Family & Friends the Happiest of Holidays

Many of you are exchanging gifts, getting food ready, looking for something to wear ANYTHING to wear!  Just Breathe – you will get through the day.  Just soak in the warm feeling as someone opens up one of the gifts you purchased.  

It is always a warm feeling for me since each gift is meticulously picked out based on my observations throughout the year.  The mouth drops followed by “you remembered”.  I am a lot of things and a good listener is on the top of the list.

Golden Happy Holidays to my Family

Current situations have prevented me from purchasing any gifts but I know what each one on my list would have received if things were different.  As the old saying goes – it is the thought that counts.  It is during these times that creativity goes a long way.  I will give of my time or a possession of mine that a friend has commented on before.  

There is one gift I give every year without compromise – Lasagna.  I make a pretty amazing Lasagna.  It takes most of the day so that is why I am up this late or early depending on how you look at it.  It is kind of ironic that a man of Hispanic decent and his signature for the Holidays is Lasagna instead of Tamales.

Red & White Happy Holidays to my Family

My house is open for the day and anyone that has no where to go is welcome.  Friends are invited and encouraged to bring someone.  The most on any given year was about 15.  I followed in my mom and dad’s footsteps.  We always had people dropping by for a bite, nothing formal.

Without fail, the first sentence from mom:  “Let me fix you a plate.  No sit down, I have this.”  It is also during this time of reflection, I miss my family.  Growing up with 2 brothers and 2 sisters there was always a lot of laughter.  I am talking side splitting, tears streaming laughter.

To Mom, Peter, Tina, David, Sheila, Sylvia, Ceci, Daniel, Russell, Pamela, Andrew, Anna, James, Adrienne, Jared, Candice, Sammijon, Katelyn, Bryce and Daylin – Merry Christmas!  I have been thinking of you all this week.  I will get home soon.  HUGS AND KISSES TO ALL. 

Red Happy Holidays to my Family