Your Best Memory

Yesterday I challenged anyone to see if they could find a favorite or a new favorite Red Lipstick from the assortment picked out.  It has been a little slow, so a reminder to take some time to have a little fun.  

Share your best memory when wearing red lipstick.  If we have it listed – let us know or if you find a new favorite from the assortment, let us know that too.

Men – tell us if you dare why you like your wife or girlfriend to wear red lipstick.

Remember -please keep it clean.  I approve all comments before they go live.

Have some fun with this!  We created a special page with all the brands and the shades of red lipstick for you.  Just click the image below and it takes you there.

Red Lipsticks

Red Lipsticks

My best memory is my mom.  She only wore the red lipstick on special occasions.  Usually my dad was taking her out to dinner and we would get a baby sitter.  With 5 kids, it was difficult for her to find a sitter; especially one that would come a second time.  🙂