organize your life 

it seems like a day doesn’t go by and someone or some event is referred to as a “hot mess”. some might think of it as a compliment in an odd sort of way but when you peel back the layers you just have a mess. how does this mess start?

my philosophy is organization or the lack of it. when you walk into someones home and there is chaos, children screaming, clothes scattered, food on the counters, dirt on the floors, furniture in disarray you can’t help but feel tense. you don’t know where to sit or what to say. it is way too NOISY.

if you are shopping and the department or boutique is chaotic while it might be exciting for 2 minutes, you leave and go where it is uncluttered, clean, and well lit. this environment fosters better customer engagement and higher ticket sales. the reason is it is easy to navigate and find what you need.

organization is easy if you have the capacity to commit. you have to purge. without a purge you will never organize. a simple rule is if you have not touched something in a year get rid of it. sounds easy but it isn’t, i admit to having a few things that fall into the category of get rid of but I have kept them.

once you purge then have a place for everything but be flexible. all of this sounds great coming from someone who has never had to raise kids but with 2 brothers and 2 sisters growing up i learned very early that cutting down the noise made it easier for me to study or concentrate on a project. solid sateen bedding 500tc luxury solid sateen bedding, 500 thread count normally $49 – $249 for a limited time $29 – $149

my suggestion is to start in your bedroom. this is where you recharge and make yourself ready to take on everything that is put in your way. keep it clean and tidy and your day will start off great most of the time.

if you haven’t updated your bed linens in a while do it now. just throw in a few basics for a refresh and trust me you will definitely notice a change.

there was a time when using just basic linens was boring. the basics are no longer boring but luxurious and affordable.


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