follow your instincts

this headline sounds so ominous but at some point we all forget or ignore our instincts. we have them for a reason, so use them.

for example, yesterday during a discussion, i keep asking my business partner to take a look at an image i was editing. he was busy and finally i said – never mind and he says wait let me see. i said if i am asking you to look at it this much, then i already know something is wrong. the realization was i kept asking for validation for an image didn’t look good. it took me way too long to figure that out.

how does this relate to makeup and fashion etc – we all know what looks good on our selves so use that as your guide. if yellow undertones don’t work with your complexion today, they still won’t work tomorrow. if short skirts cut you off in your mid section one day – the next day they still do it. if “v” necks make you look like you don’t have shoulders – don’t keep trying them on. this is all common sense but we all hope for the miracle of looking perfect in everything.

so keep it simple with your fashion, hair, home all aspects of your life. don’t sweat the small things. to help you get there, the focus here is on palettes that are multi-functional. you can go dramatic with smoky eyes or simple and use just one shade. pick the colors you already know look great and everyone wants to own something chanel – here is your opportunity.

treat yourself – you deserve it!

les 4 ombres, $61

chanel les 4 ombres 232 tisse venitien

232 tisse venitien, $61

chanel les 4 ombres 228 tisse cambon

228 tisse cambon, $61

chanel les 4 ombres 224 tisse riviera

224 tisse riviera, $61

chanel les 4 ombres 202 tisse camelia

202, tisse camelia

chanel les 4 ombres 208 tisse gabrielle

208 tisse gabrielle


le crayon kohl, $62

chanel le crayon khol 62 ambre

le crayon khol 62 ambre, $29

chanel le crayon khol 61 noir

le crayon khol 61 noir, $29


nail colour, $27

chanel nail 639 exception

nail colour 639 exception, $27

chanel nail 635 expression

nail colour 635 expression, $27

chanel nail 565 beige

nail colour 565 beige, $27

chanel nail 563 vertigo

nail colour 562 vertigo, $27

chanel nail 555 blue boy

nail colour 555 blue boy, $27

chanel nail 519 rose exuberant

nail colour 519 rose exuberant, $27

chanel nail 8 pirate

nail colour 08 pirate, $27