At a time when there was more fear about AIDS, MAC the true Trendsetter and Colour Authority stood ahead of everyone with the launch of MAC VIVA GLAM.


Who esle but RuPaul could be the face of VIVA GLAM at launch. Through the MAC AIDS Fund over $400 million has been raised.


All sales generated from the selling price of VIVA GLAM lipsticks goes towards helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. 


The Shades of VIVA GLAM



1994 VIVA GLAM I launches, $17

Outspoken Deep Red


1997 VIVA GLAM II, $17

Pinked Mauve


2000 VIVA GLAM III, $17

Foxy Brown Plum


2002 VIVA GLAM IV, $17

Heartful Rose charged with Gold


2004 VIVA GLAM V, $17

Pure Neutral Pink with a lustre finish


2009 VIVA GLAM VI, $17

Warm Terracotta / Plum with pearl finish


VIVA GLAM Ariana Grande, $17

Deep Dark Matte Plum