Aspinal London Weekender

a bag, is a bag

until it is your bag. you never realize how much you “need” a bag until you either don’t have one or borrow someone else’s. never thought depending on a bag would be so uh, well emotional :-). men don’t take women’s bags for granted anymore, one day you too will have one of your own.

when moving to san francisco back in 1995, a very dear friend gave me the most incredible going away present a black leather kenneth cole backpack. surprised and stunned were the feelings coursing through me. never thought this beautiful bag would ever be mine. now it was. it took me through being an assistant buyer, buyer for both macy’s and sephora.

it finally had to be retired in 2002. being promoted meant a new bag! many times the backpack was “lost” (left in a bar during happy hour), but was always retrieved.

here is a great sample of bags from messenger to back to meet your needs and style. embrace them men – we have come dependent on bags while we were asleep.

harrison overnight bag, $1,091.15

Harrison Overnight Bag