keep it simple

figuring out a title for this post wouldn’t come. all sorts of elaborate ways to convey the message clogged my brain. then a saying i use all the time popped up “keep it simple”.

the message is simple both in personal and professional lives, you have to keep it simple. examples of keeping it simple: be transparent, honest, forth coming and direct. what you get in return: respect, loyalty, powerful partnerships and an ethical reputation.

a real life example: when meeting with a retail partner i reviewed exclusive products they would receive along with their competitors. in the meeting my boss, the ceo cut me off when the retailer in the meeting liked an exclusive their competitor received. the reason in doing it this way is for growth and market share. each retailer is given the opportunity to be creative and build a plan to counter act their competition with their own resources.

unfortunately my boss didn’t understand the concept. her reaction didn’t deter me from continuing to operate this way which ended up helping me in my future endeavors.

this style makes it so much easier to manage your partnerships and build long-lasting friendships with people you do business.

and now here are the men’s coats ranging in style, fabrication and price. you will find one that is perfect and would look forward to hearing about it.

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