your punctuality reveals your character

have you ever been to a business meeting, doctor’s office, or social gathering where a specific start time is given and 40 minutes later you are still waiting? most of us have, and it is frustrating. we have all been there when a flight is delayed and delayed and delayed. usually the only time you are given information is when you ask.

this problem manifests itself when one individual or organization feels superior to the others, plain and simple. there have been so many delayed flights where i witnessed some serious anger from other passengers. however, on one occasion the counter agents consistently gave updates with an explanation of why. not a single passenger went into a rage. when given information, we are allowed into their world. we may not like the situation but have an understanding that all is being done to rectify it.

as an assistant buyer at macy’s, my buyer had a reputation of being late to every single brand meeting scheduled. it was so pervasive, that i began to arrange his calendar with hours in between meetings in order to make the timing work. there was never any information given to the clients only he will be here soon. mortified and embarrassed were understatements of my feelings during those times. i swore i would never value anyone else’s time more valuable than mine and this has served me very well.

this permeates itself to all aspects of my professional life where being aware and courteous to all members of staff from the clericals and maintenance teams all the way to senior management. you hone your skills on managing people this way. yes – all of this comes from being on time and valuing everyones time, not just your own.

i have never been late to a meeting, and will continue down this path. so, to help you stay on time we pulled together a pretty awesome array of watches to look at; and if you see one you really like – go ahead and splurge, you deserve it.

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