In 1926, American Vogue debuted the term:  “LittleBlack Dress” while featuring an illustration of Coco Chanel’s first black “Ford”.  This dress was referred to as “Ford” since it is very basic.  This wardrobe essential is basic by design to be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Perfect Black Dress IllustrationThis dress fits all occasions, Coco Chanel interpreted black as simple elegance.  The LBD takes women to parties, job interviews, weddings and funerals.  All of life’s big events are experienced in the LBD, that crosses both generational and social lines.  

Every woman has at least one in her closet.  The LBD remains supremely chic regardless of the silhouette.  

Gathered here for you are a wide range of dresses and to complete your look, handbags and shoes.  Its like being in your own online closet.


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