make a statement

Prada was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada and his brother Martino as a leather goods shop. In the late 70’s, they began expanding distribution into upscale department stores and boutiques worldwide.

They opened their second boutique in the early eighties with many more on the horizon.

By the time the nineties were over, Prada became a premium status symbol the world over. Their dedication to craftsmanship, superior design and materials is how this was achieved.

They continue to expand and innovate entering into Beauty and Watches by the mid 2000’s. Brands hope that one of their bags will become a “Statement” bag, which is defined as a bag that in of itself can stand alone and they come in all shapes and sizes. They can transform your look and put you on the best dressed list.

In my opinion, every Prada bag is a Statement Bag.

Now that is a great legacy – we look forward to see what lies ahead.

prada men’s black wrist bag normally $1,269, now $969

prada mens wrist bag

prada nylon bag normally $989, now $829

prada nylon bag

prada briefcase normally $2,579, now $2,149

prada briefcase


prada handbag normally $2,269, now $1,879

prada handbag

prada bauletto normally $2,199, now $1,829

prada bauletto

prada cosmetics bag normally $279, now $239

prada cosmetics bag