PRADA Olfactory

Prada Olfactory, contradicitons, opposites attracting, ying and yang,a juxtaposition, a dream scape relating back to a song or movie built through scent. They have a surreal quality reminisdent of when you wake up and start to remember fragments of your dream.

Prada Olfactory


The creative concept is a collage of experiences, snippets of your dreams and built around the contradictions.

Each scent in Prada Olfactory is presented in a silk pouch with an iconic Prada insignia. Each pouch’s unique pattern is inspired upon signature Prada prints and color combinations, to create a graphic interpretation of the fragrance’s distinct identity.

The collection includes 10 fragrances for your sensory enjoyment.


Cargo De Nuit, $300 – The scent of a twilight passage on the high seas. Double Dare, $300 – The scent of leather lined in suede: rich, soft and refined. Neu Au Soleil, $300 – The scent of an Orange Blossom dipped in gold. Tainted Love, $300 – The personal, yet universal scent of lipstick: A celebration of synthetic allure. Unchant D’Amour, $300 – The scent of stolen moments of peace, at once calming and invigorating.


Purple Rain, $300 – The complex, yet understated scent of Iris, potent in its powdery charms. Marienbad, $300 – The scent of a charming, baroque escape, otherworldly in its richness. Day For Night, $300 – The ultimate amber scent: the fossilized made newly mysterious. Heat Wave, $300 – The scent of a holiday in the sun. Pink Flamingos, $300 – The scent of fluorescent pink blossoms, at once stylized and innocent.