Reflect and Remember



Reflect and Remember World Trade Center



Dedicated to Maria Isabel Martinez Alaniz, loved and never forgotten – my mother.



Today there are no sales pitches, no perfect dresses, no Red lipstick, no unbelievable new something – today Reflect and Remember. Where were you on that fateful day? How did you hear? How did you respond?



Reflect and Remember World Trade Center



I was in New York City on a buying trip for Sephora. Meetings were scheduled and we were eager to negotiate new terms, see new brands and develop partnerships. At a breakfast meeting in my hotel – I immediately noticed something was up – the wait staff informed us of what had just happened. I walked outside and looked downtown in disbelief.




In shock – we walked to our meeting – made it to the lobby and politely rescheduled for another time. On the street again, look downtown see glass going everywhere and smoke; in the pit of my stomach I am scared. My family knew I was in New York. Made it back to my hotel and frantically tried to get anyone – someone from home on the phone. Finally reached my Mom and cried immediately when hearing her voice. I didn’t tell her about being scared just that I loved her and was safe. 



Reflect and Remember Returning to San Francisco



It took us 3 days to finally get out of New York via a car service to Connecticut and flying from Connecticut to Chicago and then to San Francisco. In this time of emergency, crisis and horror, OUR country came together political associations put aside to help each one’s neighbor.



Reflect and Remember Statue of Liberty




That is the America I know and love – one that is label free, unified as one unit for a common purpose. It is unfortunate that an act of terror and hate is what united us. We must find another way in to continue healing and not let all those lives have been lost in vain.




Reflect and Remember Those Lost



It is our responsibility to unify and honor all those lost on that day, and all the days, years afterwards in the pursuit of keeping all of our freedoms in tact:  speech, gun ownership, marriage equality, equal pay, equality of the races – ALL of them.


As a liberal, there is no agenda here just to treat your fellow man as you want to be treated. My parents and Church taught me this and this is how I try and live my life. I am not perfect and do fall down, but I pick myself back up and learn from that mistake.



Reflect and Remember Our Freedoms - Baseball



Look past differences and look for common ground. Be the bigger person and apologize. When we resort to name calling, we dumb down the conversation, we are all much smarter. Hate represents not understanding, ask questions and try to understand. It is much easier to love. Spend the rest of your day today rejoicing with those around you.



Reflect and Remember Freedom Tower



Sending to everyone out there what gets me every time, a virtual HUG. What I would give for a hug from my Mom today.



Peter Marcus, David Andrew, Sylvia Ann and Cecilia – I love you and miss you all.