Understanding Resort Fashion

The whole concept of “Resort Fashion” always escaped me.  Creating an entire collection around vacation was odd since you already have a spring collection.  Seeing the advertisements during December and January was just odd.  This realization dawns on me during High School and College.

Winter Vacation in Tropical Location

Life continues happening, college graduation and the first big retailing job with Macy’s in Dallas. Christmas comes and goes and up is Resort all over the store and the confusion sets in again, but I don’t think much about it.  

Fast forward another 7 years, and a promotion to the buying offices in San Francisco. This is where the “Aha” moment happens. Completely submersed into the new role and learning the business of being a merchant / buyer you understand that a calendar is either your friend or enemy depending on your vendors. That is when I understood the Resort Collections.  These collections are targeting a distinct group of people, those going on a winter vacation to tropical locations south of the equator where it is summer.  Once I saw that – it was like duh.

Stacked Luggage

These collections, to mean anything to the customer is in store by mid-December, 2 months earlier than the Spring Collections.  This is why they are advertised in December / January with great sell through.  

The best way to describe any Resort Collection is cut, color and fabric.  Everything is light, airy and either pastel or bold.  Here we show you the Resort Collection for JAMES PERSE Los Angeles – enjoy!  You will notice all the pieces in the James Perse Los Angeles Resort Collection are made of high quality cotton or cashmere, with lines flowing away from the body and the color palette is black and white.  This brand is built off the California Lifestyle so Resort is bred into their DNA.