growing up mod

bell bottom jeans with a 2”cuff
denim patch hat
vests (not the kind with a suit)
platform shoes – mens
white belt with 3 vertical button holes wrapping the entire belt
micro mini skirts
baby blue eyeshadow
chic jeans

if any of the above items spark a fond memory, chances are you grew up in the retro modern era or as it is most commonly known mid-century modern. it is the design style across all mediums between the mid-forties through the mid-sixties. personally, i think it went on to the mid-seventies.

there was a boom going on in the united states and the emphasis was building up the suburbs and the home of choice, ranch style. the color palette blues, golds, browns and reds made for some interesting living rooms. in my opinion everything was over emphasized with font sizes and the over use of exclamation points, but we must remember this was during the height of the cold war. looking back, the big fonts etcetera were a nice distraction from what was going on overseas.

it was a much simpler time. in our back yard we had a makeshift softball diamond with all the neighborhood kids over for games. we played for hours at a time and just think we didn’t have timeouts for “facebook posts”, “instagram shots”, “selfies”, “texts” or checking email. we played until we couldn’t stand anymore.

my parents loved having a house filled with children, the five of their own and anyone else who wanted to come over. they gave us everything and let us have enough freedom to become pretty amazing adults. we also had to earn our grades, and our placements at athletic events. we weren’t given “participation awards”. you busted your ass for the gold and the “A”.

don’t get me wrong, i would be lost without my iPad, iPhone and macbook. i crave the technology but i did love growing up when you could stay out all day with friends and not have to call and check in at home. that has to be the best, and the design elements – very cool wait i mean “groovy”.

edith sofa normally $1,298, now $959.99
edith sofaedith sofaedith sofa

cool colored sideboard normally $2,100, now $1,719.99

cool colored sideboard

sphere pendant lamp, normally $378, now $169.99

sphere pendent

terminal chair normally $1,305, now $1,055

terminal chair

pinwheel pillow normally $37, now $29.99

pinwheel pillow

mod starburst pillow normally $35, now $29.99

mod starburst pillow

narran round coffee table normally $448,now $299.99

narran round coffee table