Make Your Dreams Come True

As a kid, owning boots seemed like a dream that would never happen.  Admiring boots on my friends or on the western movies seemed like the closest to them I would ever get.

Fast forward through high school and college then landing a job in Dallas Texas, boot capital of the world!  My car was barely unpacked and then boot shopping.

1000 mile montgomery boot

1000 Mile Montgomery Boot, $280

Not sure if it was the extra 2 inches on my already 6 foot frame but they added to my confidence.  “Strutting” isn’t my style but they became my casual shoe of choice to the point that owning only one pair was out of the question.

kenton dealer boot

Kenton Dealer Boot, $190

Since moving to California, owning boots wasn’t that important anymore but a few years ago a simple pair of tan leather boots suddenly appeared in my closet :-).  yes, They are a fun accessory for some, but for many people they are a necessity.

arun fold down boot

Arun Fold Down Boot, $165

Today boots come in every shape, size, fabrication imaginable.  Get noticed even more – pick up a pair or two.

Women’s Boot Styles:

Highland Boot, $798

taite bootie

taite bootie, $280

veronica combat boot

Veronica Combat Boot, $278