Conscious of It’s Surroundings

“I thought they just had cool clothes for hipsters and hipster wannabes.”  Ever find yourself quoting yourself, it just happened.  Started out a few days with an idea to show some clothes that are cool, have edge – show a point of view.  What should have taken a couple of hours morphed into days.

After learning about the efforts made to help rid OUR oceans of plastic and the companies they fund to do this – all I could think was they have a “bionic” heart.  The reason is one of the companies is named Bionic.  They make yarn out of reclaimed plastic.  The other company in this venture is Parley for the Oceans – they have a network around the world that collects the plastic from the ocean.  In conjunction with G-STAR RAW (bionic heart) – the 3 companies are helping to put the oceans eco systems into a much better state than they are today.  

Currently the oceans have SIX TIMES MORE PLASTIC than sea life.

RAW for the Oceans

There are 4 steps to the process:

  1.  Retrieval of the plastic by Parley for the Oceans.  
  2. Spinning yarn out of plastic is done by Bionic, they make yarn out of plastic bottles exclusively.  They have strict guidelines in making the yarn used for the “RAW for the Oceans” collection.  The plastic is cleaned thoroughly then chopped and creates fibers that are spun into yarn.  There are 3 types of yarn ranging from 35% to 60% reclaimed plastic.
  3. The fabric is made.  To maintain the structure of denim only stronger the yarn is made with the recycled plastic as a core and wrapped with cotton.
  4. The garments are made through the normal GSTAR process.  This first collection is estimated to have used 700,000 plastic bottles.

This is just the beginning.  Each collection will contain higher percentages of plastic as they learn more about the process.  Next is education not only to the consumers but to the affected areas with plastic.  This has a global reach and is a powerful statement these companies are making, take a stand and make our world a better place.

Parley for the Oceans, Bionic and G-STAR RAW — they all have “Bionic Hearts” and I thank you for what you are doing.  

For my small part, I will be purchasing out of the “RAW for the Oceans” collection.  I saw a few things that go in either the “must have” list or the “gift” list.


p style=”text-align: center;”>This is not the only effort G-STAR RAW is doing for sustainability – each arm of the organization does it own part.  This company clearly understand the impact they can make – they truly have SOUL.