Spring Break 2016

Seems like we just finished Holiday and now we are in the midst of Spring Break!  Time certainly does fly.  The first 3 months of this year have been difficult and will discuss at another time.

Women’s Swimwear

What is interesting to see is how what started out as a college event, Spring Break, is now an event enjoyed by all generations.  My guess – the early pioneers of Spring Break couldn’t  leave it alone.  I know taking a week with my friends and heading out to Florida was something we spent 6 months planning and always had en epic time.

Men’s Swimwear

To help all of you getting ready to make it to sunnier, warmer climates for a week or two a new swimsuit is always welcome.  The new styles are stunning – let us know which one or ones are your favorites.

If you are headed out for the evening, anyone of these styles are perfect!

Women’s Spring Casual Wear