Style Matters


“Style is a way to say WHO you are WITHOUT having to speak.” – – Rachel Zoe



Use your sense of style and be proud of who you are, remember where you come from and embrace life.  We are all in control of our own destiny.  Make your time worth it – challenge yourself and those around you.  



Be aggressive and use your voice whether it is with fashion, style, phylanthropy, mentorship whatever drives your passion.  Be the best possible you and remember that we are all here together, treat those around you as you would have them treat you.



Your style is how you add your personality into the fashion you chose.  Don’t be afraid of color, fabrics, and patterns – use them to accent or accentuate.  

Accessories are the punctuation to your style and come in all forms:  

Watches, Scarves, Shoes, Coats, Jewelry, Socks



Two rules:

  1.  Your color palette coordinates and compliments

  2. Less is more – if you have a heavy hand and all accessories are a MUST every day – make one edit each day 

Your best accessory is always your smile – use it generously.