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Halston Heritage

    Halston Heritage Approachable Luxury     Roy Halston Frowick, Halston created luxury American fashion in the seventies with groundbreaking designs that still influence and inspire through Halston Heritage Approachable Luxury. Founded in the 1960s, the HALSTON label was an immediate success in high demand. Innovation in millinery set him apart and used his signature materials […]

Accessorize Individu...

Accessorize Individuality Designers create looks and collections through their own inspiration. They bring it all to life during a fashion show and bare their soul for everyone to see. The work can be amazing or not. The challenge is when putting your personal look together through the design it might not work.       […]



Style Matters   “Style is a way to say WHO you are WITHOUT having to speak.” – – Rachel Zoe     Use your sense of style and be proud of who you are, remember where you come from and embrace life.  We are all in control of our own destiny.  Make your time worth it […]

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