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CHANEL Parfum Floral...

    CHANEL Parfum Floral Elegant Scent or fragrance evokes emotions depending on your experience. When given as a gift, is romantic and personal. There are many levels of fragrance from Eau de Toilette to Perfume. The main differences are percentage of pure fragrance and packaging with Perfumes at the highest level of concentration. Put in a luxe […]

Silver, Gold Elegant...

Silver, Gold Elegant Holiday Feature

    Silver, Gold Elegant Holiday       If you ever wanted to have a “designer” Christmas Tree but felt it is too expensive or extravagant to do, well now is the time to dive in and make it happen. The selection and pricing at Target is AMAZING! This year you can have a […]

Vera Wang Elegant

Vera Wang Elegant Style

  Vera Wang Elegant   Entrepreneur, Designer, Style Arbiter, Mother, Daughter and Wife born and raised in New York is first generation Asian American of Chinese decent is a perfect example of how with drive, ambition, belief in self and talent there is nothing you cannot accomplish.      Vera started her fashion career at Vogue hired out of college as […]