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PRADA Handbags New I...

    PRADA Handbags New Introductions   This spring the trend for color are those found in nature ranging from vibrant shades to soft calming shades. Pale Dogwood is a subtle shade of pink evoking innocence and purity and is featured in PRADA Handbags New Introductions in a couple of styles: Paradigm Tote, Primrose Clutch, Primrose Shoulder […]

Prada Men’s Fashion

Prada Men's Fashion Sneakers

    Prada Men’s Fashion Sneakers     As you start your journey to perfect, refine or tone yourself a pair of Prada Men’s Fashion Sneakers join performance and fashion.  The performance comes with the high grip rubber soles, deep traction soles and light weight. High shine leather, mesh accents, trending colors and modern designs deliver […]

Introducing PRADA La...

Introducing PRADA LaFemme PRADA LHomme   Italian Fashion Power house PRADA Introduces LaFemme and L’Homme fragrances into their portfolio. When reviewing a new fragrance, understanding the story behind the scent always gives a strong indication on how it will perform. Having a good scent doesn’t necesarrily translate into sales.       Fragrance is a personal […]

PRADA Olfactory

PRADA Olfactory Prada Olfactory, contradicitons, opposites attracting, ying and yang,a juxtaposition, a dream scape relating back to a song or movie built through scent. They have a surreal quality reminisdent of when you wake up and start to remember fragments of your dream.   The creative concept is a collage of experiences, snippets of your […]