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The Trend Dramatic R...

The Trend Dramatic RED Lips           Power, Drama, Passion, Sensual, Love all very strong words describing RED. For the fall season designers showed red lips, The Trend Dramatic RED Lips is not a new one. The beauty companies seem to have forecast this already and have introduced cream, matte, shine lipsticks […]


#HOCO – High School Homecoming       A quick google search informed me of a couple of things:     There are a few meanings for “#HOCO”  There are still things I can learn 🙂   One of my best friends made me aware of #HOCO – High School Homecoming this past week. The realization that knowing […]

Giorgio Armani Rouge...

Giorgio Armani Rouge, Red for Fall   Red is always an important color for the fall season and Fall 2016 continues with the trend. Since Red is a commanding color, representing power, love, sensuality, passion, sensitivity – be thoughtful in how you wear it. Giorgio Armani Rouge, Red for Fall is available for lips, cheek […]

CHANEL Re-Interprets...

CHANEL Re-Interprets Red

CHANEL Re-Interprets Red Powerful, dominant, attention grabbing, fire, energy, strength, passion and love represent this highly intense color, RED. This year, CHANEL Re-Interprets RED in eyeshadow, lipstick and nail polish with the introduction of the first color collection by Lucia Pica, Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer. The different shades of RED add depth to this already […]

Covet Loubilaque

Christian Louboutin

Loubilaque Created  by Christian Louboutin luxury footwear and fashion designer whose footwear signature is a shiny, red-lacquered sole. His shoes are desired by millions of women worldwide. Making women sexy and beautiful by elongating her leg is his ultimate goal with his shoe creations.   He brings his ultimate creativity to beauty with his latest introduction Loubilaque. […]



COLOR Color is the spectrum of light, distribution, wavelengths, light receptors, physics and more.  The interpretation of color is the communication between the retinas in our eyes to our brains.  The science of color is chromatics, the study of color in materials is color theory or electromagnetic radiation. Color makes you smile, color is intense, soft, […]

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