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No 5 Femininity, Lux...


    No 5 Femininity, Luxury, Now, Forever       This family begins in Paris with No 5 Femininity, Luxury, Now, Forever. Launched in 1921 for the modern woman – she was the flapper, independent and liberated. She truly represented women in the 1920’s.     CHANEL No 5 is known the world over, […]

Ralph Lauren Timeles...

  Ralph Lauren Timeless Classic Glamour   Consistently using color palettes of burgundy reds, chocolate browns, midnight blues, rich golds with cashmere, merino wool, linen, silk and velvet surrounded by the imagery of country estates, thoroughbred horses, classic cars and traditions is the epitome of Ralph Lauren Timeless Classic Glamour.     Discovery of the Polo […]

OMEGA DeVille Timele...

Omega Deville

OMEGA DeVille Timeless Appeal   With a design that is Classic and Simple, it completes gives your wardrobe with a polished, refined styling. They have risen to be one of the most popular collections, OMEGA DeVille Timeless Appeal.         This classic, traditional watch is designed with two-zone dial, Roman numerals and a […]

attention to detail


classic & fashion forward there are only a handful of brands when their name is spoken one of two things happen, either a hush of silence with wide open eyes or clutching your chest and mouthing “love them”.  either way, CHANEL is always on the top of lists: best dressed, best designer, coveted and any other […]

To The Ladies

ramy brook

  All My Love Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman. First – i also believe behind every successful woman, there is a strong man and vice versa for my same sex partnered friends. Second – behind this man (me) there is a whole army of strong women. i bow down to you […]

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