Never Say Never

There is a time for everyone when shopping is only done in certain stores. For some it is more status than quality and others purely the aesthetic, quality and lifestyle of the brand.

On the opposite end of the spectrum for customers on tight budgets, there is Target. Shopping for status is where I fell from about 1986 – 2002. Then something pretty incredible happened – I turned 40 and the status stores just didn’t mean that much anymore.

Don’t get me wrong – I still shopped at the “status” store, but I also found that Target is pretty amazing. They have partnerships with some great designers, the quality is there and the prices make me smile!

The advertising caught my attention. They were so effective with their ads, during a presentation to a retailer and all of the stores managers at a conference I quoted: “Target – Expect More Pay Less” while announcing the winner for a very nice gift card to shop at Target. There was a roar in the crowd for the winner. Stepping off stage, I said – “I can’t believe I just said that – Target should pay me something!”

Needless to say, these are the Target promotions for you all to enjoy. There will be more updates throughout the weekend – so check back!



Target – only one of the greatest stores ever!


Black Friday special: 50% off Pet Toys, Accessories and Beds – online only. Valid 11/26-11/28

Black Friday Deal: $50 OFF Fitbit Surge. $30.99 OFF Fitbit Charge HR. $70 OFF Pebble Time.Valid 11/26-11/28

Black Friday Deal: Nikon L340. Valid 11/26-11/28

Black Friday Deal: Canon T5 Bundle. Valid 11/26-11/28

Black Friday Deal: Buy one, get one 30% off iTunes gift cards & codes.Valid 11/26-11/28

Black Friday Deals on top TVs. Save on your favorite brand. Valid 11/26 and 11/27 only

Black Friday Deal: Xbox One for $299 + $60 gift card with purchase. Valid 11/26-11/28 only

Black Friday Deal: Save on e.l.f. sets. Valid 11/26-11/28

Black Friday Deal: BOGO 50% off Boots cosmetics. Valid 11/26-11/28

Black Friday Deal: Save over $100 on Beats Solo 2 headphones.Valid 11/26-11/28

Black Friday Deal: 40% off Clothing, Shoes and Accessories for the whole family! Valid 11/26-11/28 only