Memory of a Little Boy

looking at the definition of a dress, it is nothing special “apparel or clothing”; “outer garments for women and girls”. you can’t get any more sterile than that but remembering sunday mornings getting ready for church, my mom spent time getting dressed, in a dress.

you always knew we were going somewhere special if mom came down the hall in a dress. we would get excited and start asking where are we going? the answer was always the same: “no where, your father and i are …, the babysitter will be here soon.” this always meant ice cream and up late!!

it just seems odd that the definition is, so ordinary when you have: mini dress, micro mini dress, midi dress, maxi dress, tank dress, halter dress, structured dress, empire waist dress, baby doll dress, sheath dress, dropped waist dress, a-line dress, princess dress, polo dress, strapless dress, sundress, draped dress, wrap dress, shirt dress, coat dress and the most important of all – the wedding dress. all these different styles, fabrications, colors and the definition is just too simple.

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