All My Love

Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman.

First – i also believe behind every successful woman, there is a strong man and vice versa for my same sex partnered friends.

Second – behind this man (me) there is a whole army of strong women. i bow down to you and say “thank you”. thank you all for the decades of support, encouragement and belief in my strength and capabilities. your voices have been in my ears the past couple of years keeping me going.

When your career is focused and you are driven, you get to know that business inside and out. after a certain amount of time, you get too comfortable and are no longer motivated to stay current. Everyday find something new to learn whether it is in your career or personal life.

This experience, helping build the Pressed Inmeso Collection keeps me challenged, focused and motivated. I love it and it scares the hell out of me!! how? I challenged myself is to get current in the men’s category with more contemporary brands. You see in the first posts made – they concentrate on men.

Now back to you ladies -I love you. The past few weeks there has been so much coverage on “ramy brook”. Well, after much research, the coverage is worth it. The brand is best described as: modern, contemporary luxury. i love it!! You all know that the products must be special for this kind of reaction from me. 😉

The woman behind the brand, ramy is incredibly talented. the designs are uplifting and playful using silk fabrics and lively colors. the collection is your solution to transition from day to night.


The fabrics are beautiful and the designs are stunning – current, classic and timeless. they are staples for any woman’s wardrobe.

Harriet Halter Tank, $275; Jessie Suede Skirt, $465


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Frankie Chain Link Sweater, $325; Jessie Suede Skirt, $465