its never too late

anyone reading this that knows me, understands that sometimes i need to listen to my own advice. i am here to tell you its not too late for you or me. i am too this or too that is just an excuse we give ourselves to not do something we should.

i write this because i was reminded this week just how much of an impact on my life the month of october is. i have lost loved ones but have also found solace and a new beginning.

so as we go into the holidays with a vengeance, as you treat the little goblins, give yourself a treat as well.

in case you are wondering, Target is my “go to” store for great products at a great value. in a sales conference during my speech one year i actually said: “expect more, pay less”. that is a testament to the team at Target that the campaign is a success.

here are some great jackets that look amazing and will keep you warm while you trick or treat.

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