winter coats & jackets

getting ready for winter is dreaded by most people, not me. love the season! as a kid, getting a new coat was always needed so that meant going to the mall. yes, the dreaded mall. in those days the phones were neither smart or cellular most were rotary dial so you had to make your purchase in a store.

stop scratching your heads and ask your parents.

coats were usually bulky and nondescript but the fact i was able to get a new one every year kept me excited. reflecting back now it was so i could see all the stuff that was being promoted for holiday. mom and i would stay for hours – those days were special.

living in california there is not much of a need for a winter coat or to even get a new one every year, BUT one must stay current. finding coats that will keep you warm and make you look good not that difficult anymore.

all of these coats are beautiful, can’t wait to hear that you picked one up and its more than you expected it to be!

reversible wool angora coat

tibi reversibile double faced wool angora coat – black, suggested retail $1,618.54

hooded fur trim parka

canada goose kensington slim fit hooded fur trim parka in graphite, suggested retail $1,155

wool hooded coat

marc by marc jacobs norman bonded wool hooded coat in black, suggested retail $1,039.50

printed trench coat

michael michael kors short printed trench coat in duffle, suggested retail $500.50

cotton field jacket

cotton field jacket

knutsford wax cotton field jacket with detachable toscana collar in dark brown normally $1,232, now $862.40

roadmaster jacket

belstaff roadmaster waxed jacket in black, suggested retail $847

striped biker jacket

each x other striped leather bands biker leather jacket in black/red, suggested retail $1,581.58

panelled leather jacket

michael michael kors panelled leather jacket in black / silver suggested retail $762.30