respect yourself, respect nature, respect those around you

this is the second welcome and is not a test.  this is live!  daunting, fun and nerve racking is the atmosphere here.  be patient as we continue to work out a couple of bugs here and there, but welcome to eStudioMeso.

the name, “eStudio” is an homage to my latin culture. it is the spanish version of studio.  meso is a shortened version of “mesoshere” which is just past the stratosphere.  simply put, it is way out there where anything can happen.  merging the two words together here makes sense.

many people don’t know when starting out in retail, managing the bed and bath department at macys is my beginning.  a passion for thread counts, cottons and textures was fostered.  when a new brand is discovered in this category, me going nuts over it is an understatement.  these items are priced where you would expect given the quality and manufacturing.  they are extra – ordinary!

the products are from, coyuchi.  their mission statement and phylosophy are stellar.  striving to be sustainable home furnishings that respect our natural surroundings and enhance your lives.  everything is designed to comfort and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.  products have a simple style, enriched by subtle textures, rich colors and refined details.

strictest environmental standards in safe and humane conditions, from the farm to the factory to the store to your home.

abiding by guidlines set by the USDA National Organic Program, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) and the International Labor Organization is core to their success.

products are designed with reverence for the planet using only natural fibers, sourcing materials carefully and processing them minimally.  each fabric feels as it is intended.
contemporary designs that suit modern living. rustic yet elegant, substantial and soft.

as a company they respect the environment and foster a deep connection with nature, every single day.

vineyard collection

vineyard collection by coyuchi, $58 – $548

ripples and waves

ripples and waves collection by coyuchi, $68 – $398

there is so much more from coyuchi to show you. you are just getting a small taste now!